At Nutrition Souq, our vision is to take the fitness industry online in the Middle East Region. Our first stop is the United Arab Emirates. To carry out our vision, we have developed the ultimate online fitness marketplace consisting of an online fitness store, fitness directory and fitness zone blog. We will also achieve our vision by offering support to fitness industry companies and professionals in the form of advanced online apps and digital marketing services to raise the benchmark of every fitness touchpoint in the region. By raising the online profile of the fitness industry our goal is to make health & fitness more accessible to everyone. Our motto and dedicated hash tag is #ReachYourMAX.

Nutrition Souq will stock the leading sport supplement products currently available in majority of retail stores in the UAE. These products include BSN, Optimum Nutrition, Gaspari, Muscle Pharm and more. The Nutrition Souq Fitness Directory will be the most comprehensive list of gyms, fitness centres and personal trainers in the region.

The current version of the Nutrition Souq website only includes the Fitness Zone blog where we are posting the latest news on the UAE fitness industry plus great articles on general health and fitness. The next stage launch of the Nutrition Souq website will launch in October 2015 and will include the supplement store and fitness directory. We are now accepting listing requests for both supplements and fitness companies/professionals - so please get in touch.