4 Key Tips for Maintaining Weight Loss

Realistic ways to keep off the weight you’ve already lost!

What an accomplishment! You chose a weight loss goal and stuck it through until you lost all the extra pounds you wanted. That was a lot of hard work and there’s no room for mistakes now. Who hasn’t heard lots of stories about people who have lost weight only to put it back on? How do you keep from being listed in these types of statistics? You have to plan and set more goals. Who doesn’t need a little help with that? Here are a few tips to help you keep off the weight you’ve already lost.


Tip No. 1: Maintain Proper Portion Control

Don’t throw away all your self-discipline and control yet. It’s still very important to continue measuring your foods. Your success is likely due to the hard work you’ve been doing to make sure your portions were inside healthy limits. Now is the time to continue monitoring those portions. Even when you allow yourself some “cheats” remember to go easy. For instance, if you want a scoop of ice cream now and then, enjoy it. Just don’t enjoy 4 or 5 scoops of ice cream at one time.

Maintaining proper sized portions can help you maintain the goal weight you worked so hard to achieve.


Tip No. 2: Maintain a Weight Diary

Once you have successfully lost the weight you wanted, it is important to continue the habit of weighing yourself on a regular basis. Some health care professionals suggest you keep an eye on your weight and if you gain a pound or two you will know to cut back before it gets out of control.

By keeping a steady watch on your weight you will be able to make adjustments before your weight has time to start creeping up on you..

Tip No. 3

Tip No. 3: Maintain A Healthy Sleep Regimen

Your sleep has a strong influence on helping your body maintain its proper weight. While you were focused on weight loss, it is likely that you made sure your body received adequate amounts of sleep and rest since it is a key factor. Now that you have reached your weight goal, it is just as important to continue getting adequate amounts of sleep.

This helps your body maintain a normal appetite and helps you keep a regular eating schedule.

Tip No. 4: Maintain Accountability and Activity Levels

In order to maintain weight loss, it is essential for you to stay active and continue an active lifestyle. Along with an active lifestyle, you also need to be accountable to someone. If you do not maintain a level of accountability you may find it easy to regress right back into those old habits. Share your personal tips and success story with others, sign up for a group class at the gym, or join an online community focused on healthy goals. Being accountable in some measure will help you stay focused and determined to maintain your new level of fitness.

Tip No. 4


The same measure of self-control you used to help lose the desired weight will help you maintain your current fitness level. It’s all about finding out what works best for you and then doing it. There are many new fitness apps that are convenient and easy to use to help you maintain your goals. MyFitnessPal is just one example of an app that can help ensure your successful journey continues.


Author: Mary Olinger
Author Bio: Mary Olinger is a Fitness & Workout Nutrition Editor at Nutrition Souq. She is a marathoner who trains year round. She holds a Master’s Degree in Health Education. Her expertise is in the field of fitness, diet, weight loss and nutrition. She is an international educator who enjoys writing to helping people make healthier life choices.

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