Leave the workout for these magic ‘weight loss’ foods


Workout through Food

"We've all tried to lose weight before. But what was the result? Did you succeed in this endeavor? If you’re reading this article, than most likely the answer is NO. You would probably be thinking that the only way now to successfully lose weight is to hit the gym and follow a strict diet plan. Which means you will have to say goodbye to all those meals and foods that you love and crave. Hard, isn’t it? But what if we tell you another way out of that fat layer you’ve put on. A way that doesn’t include hours on the treadmill or demand you quit all your favorite meals. Though we’re not saying go eat all burgers, pizza and soda you want either!"

Workout: Through Food! Yes, you read it correctly. Now we are going to tell you how eating certain foods will actively help to lose weight for you. These foods work by speeding up your metabolism. As a result of the increased metabolism your body will use up the fatty layer in your body and you will soon be lean enough and keep that reduced weight at a constant number.

So are you ready to learn about these magical foods?

The Magical Foods:

1. Green Tea

The number one item on our list is the Green Tea. Yes! Drinking this tea induces weight loss there are certain anti-oxidants and catechins present in Green Tea which stimulates your metabolism and makes it work faster and lose fat. Also it acts a detoxifier and removes harmful toxins for your system.

2. Low Calorie Soups

Low Calorie soups such as tomato soup or broth can weight loss. Drinking these soups just one time a day causes reduced hunger. As a result you don’t take in too much calories.

3. Yogurt

Although most dairy products should be avoided while losing weight but Yogurt is an exception. Research has shown that Yogurt is a low calorie food and contains pro-biotices which increases metabolism.

4. Spices

Spices such as Cinnamon, Pepper, Curry and Mustard etc. are shown to have metabolism boosting capabilities. If you spice your meals a little bit but not much can help you trim up.

5. Oatmeal

Oatmeal which is a common breakfast option also helps lose weight. Its full of fibers which reduces cholesterol. Also more calories are burned to process fibers through the body.

6. Water

Water helps maintain your bodily fluids in an optimum consistency so it regulates and keeps your metabolism smooth. A fully functioning metabolism means that all the calories are properly burned and not piled up as fats.

7. Coffee

Coffee is another candidate to help you lose weight. An early morning coffee can help you boost the metabolism while also helping with the bowl movements.

These are a few of the foods to help you lose weight. For More Information click here.


Author: Zahra Ahmad
Author Bio: Zahra is a nutrition junky that loves to research new ways to improve lifestyle through exercise, life-balance and diet. She is an accomplished author with hundreds of health and fitness articles published across the internet on blogs from Middle East to USA and Asia.

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