Benefits of Whey Protein Supplements for Females!


"Eating the right type diet and hitting the gym on regular basis are the main ingredients to an ideal body recipe. But, are you missing something? Can you do something else to boost things up a little? Yes, you can! The secret to a bikini body is “Whey”." But, how? Read on!

Whey protein

Whey for Her!

It may be astounding for you that whey can actually help you lose fat and is equally effective for women as is for men. But how does it work? Following is what research says.

  • An Appetite Suppressant

    A research conducted at the Maastricht University, Netherlands compared the appetite suppressing activity of whey proteins with other supplements like soy protein or casein protein supplements. Results showed that consumption of whey triggered highest increase in appetite suppressing hormones and helped achieve highest level of satiety as compared to other supplements used.

  • A Fat Burner

    If you crave for sexy abs and a toned body then you need to shed all that layer of fat that covers your body. You can exercise all you need, but all of your efforts will bring you no good if you don’t lose that clingy layer of fat off your body. Results of a study showed that females consuming certain whey protein supplements lost the most amount of fat and showed significant drop in waist circumference as compared to individuals using other supplements.

  • Rich in Leucine

    In addition, whey is extremely rich in valuable amino acids, for instance leucine. Leucine gives added benefits by boosting oxidation of fatty acids.


To conclude, whey is your best chance of getting the toned body you’ve always desired. There are a lot of ways you can use whey protein. For instance, you can use whey in pre and post workout intervals or you can either replace one of your daily meal with whey drinks to get better results.

NOTE: A Little Something about Whey Protein!

Most of you would already know what whey proteins are and how they function, but for those of you who don’t know, here is a little something about whey protein supplements. The fluid that is left behind after the cheese is separate from milk is called whey. That fluid is dried and is sold as powdered whey protein supplements. Whey contains a mixture of different proteins, mainly alpha and beta lactalbumins and immunoglobulins.

Whey Protein!


Author: Damian Brennan
Author Bio: Damian is the founder of Nutrition Souq. He is a gym junkie, sports enthusiast, entrepreneur and totally focused on improving the fitness industry in the Middle East.