6 Muscle Building Myths Exposed!


Muscle Myths

Not too long ago, the idea of lifting weights as a means of getting fit was not only frowned upon, it was blatantly ridiculed. The common belief was that weight training would make a person muscle bound, that it would slow them down, burden them with useless muscle.

Oh, how times have changed. Nowadays every reputable athletic or sporting establishment has a weight training bay and, more often than not, a dedicated weights coach. It’s taken a little longer for the general population to cotton on to the benefits of weight training, however. Here are the most pervasive weight training myths, along with the cold, hard truth.

Myth No. 1

Myth No. 1: Weight Training Will Make You Muscle Bound

When people first saw bodybuilders, with all of those muscles, they naturally assumed that they’d be slow and ponderous. And, because bodybuilders use weights, it naturally followed that weight training would slow you down and make you less athletic, right?

Wrong. Weight training will, in fact, make a person a better athlete. She’ll be faster, more agile and stronger. A stronger muscle can contract more quickly, thus producing more power. And exercising a muscle through it’s full range of motion enhances flexibility, along with joint strength and mobility.

Myth No. 2

Myth No. 2: Weight Training Takes Hours Every Day

Back when Arnold Schwarzenegger was winning Bodybuilding titles, marathon work-outs were the norm. Arnie himself would train for 3-4 hours each day. Today, though, most hardcore bodybuilders train for less than about an hour and a half each day. They have realized the vital importance of rest and recuperation. You are probably not training to be a bodybuilder. To achieve your goals – be they fat loss, muscle shaping or definition - you need less time than a bodybuilder does. In fact, you can get an ideal workout inside of 45 minutes. The key is to work with intensity and focus.

Myth No. 3: When You Stop Weight Training, the Muscle will Turn to Fat

Myth No. 3

Muscle is muscle and fat is fat. One cannot morph into the other. What has happened with some retired athletes is that they have let go of their nutritional disciplines and packed more fat onto their body. They may even stop working out. As a result their muscles will atrophy (get smaller) and they will store the excess calories that they are eating and not burning off as fat.

The bottom line on this one is that when you are about to get yourself on the road to health and fitness, you don’t stay on that road for a few months and then detour back onto the old road - you know the one that got you too fat and too unfit in the first place. No, you’re on this road for life. Weight training and clean eating needs to become a part of your lifestyle - that means forever.

Myth No. 4

Myth No. 4: Weight Training Will Make You Look Like a Bodybuilder

Building muscle is hard work. You need to be totally zoned in on it, you need to eat for muscle, sleep for muscle and train for muscle. It’s not going to happen by accident. If you’re a woman, it’s even harder. That’s because the prime muscle building hormone, testosterone, is a lot less abundant in your body. Do not worry about getting too big. It won’t happen - unless that is the goal you’ve been striving for.

Myth No. 5

Myth No 5: You Can’t Lose Fat and Shape Muscle at the Same Time

If you are physically able, weight training will allow you to do both at the same time. Combined with the right nutritional guidelines, weight training will allow you to reconstitute the make-up of your body. You may not see much change on the scale. That’s because muscle weighs 5 times more than fat. So, if you lose 5 pounds of fat and put on 1 pound of muscle, you won’t see any change on the scale. Your body, however, will look radically different.

Myth No. 6: Cardio Burns Fat, Weights Build Muscle

Both will burn calories. But only one will burn calories AND shape, reconfigure, firm up and build your body. Most people underestimate the amount of calories they can burn if they know how to train with weights properly for fat loss. If you have time to do both weights and cardio, do both. But if you don’t have time for both then prioritize weight training - it does it all!


The fastest, most efficient, result producing way to lose fat, shape muscle and create a tight, sculpted body is with weight training. Don’t let archaic thinking rob your body of those benefits. Rather, start giving it the respect it deserves by making weight training a regular part of your lifestyle. You’ll never look back.


Author: Steve Theunissen
Author Bio: Steve Theunissen is the Nutrition Souq Bodybuilding and Workouts Editor. He is a former gym owner and personal trainer. Steve is the author of 5 hard copy books and dozens of e-books on the subject of fitness, bodybuilding and weight loss.