Series: A Woman's Guide To Healthy Eating For Fast Weight Loss


Join us twice a week for this series about the best healthy recipes to help women lose weight. You'll learn how to make awesome meals, how to stay away from bad food and not feel like you're depriving yourself of something. It's time to take control of your eating habits! It's time to be smart and eat smart!

It is said that King Solomon had 12 cooks. They cooked in turns, each one of them for one month. The rest of the time they roamed the world, searching for recipes. Like King Solomon, we’re going to roam the online world to bring you the healthiest and tastiest recipes, for all culinary preferences in one great series. We are going to prove to you that healthy can be tasty! Here’s how:

Part 1: Avoiding certain foods.

You’ve probably heard a lot of times things like “Don’t eat that! It will go straight to your hips/thighs”. In the second article of this series, we are going to tell you what foods are dangerous for your weight and physique. What would you say if we told you that much of the excess weight is actually water? Well, in the second article you will also find out exactly how to get rid of that water.

Part 2: Fighting cravings

We’ve all had cravings and many times we’ve felt that fighting them was an enormous task. That’s one of the problems with healthy eating: many people see it as a chore, rather than a necessity.

The bad reputation that healthy eating has is due to the misconceptions that it requires exotic, expensive ingredients, that the meals are too complicated to cook or that you need all sorts of appliances (like dehydrators). Healthy eating is only as complicated as you choose to make it. In the third article of the series we are going to give you some tips that will make your life easier and help you fight cravings.

Part 3: There’s something for everybody!

In this series we are going to give you easy-to-make recipes for meals that anyone can fall in love with. We are going to cover all of the major nutrition choices: gluten-free, paleo, vegetarian, vegan... but we will also give you options for a balanced diet that uses all the food groups.

Part 4: Easy-to-make recipes.

The modern woman is too busy to focus on food and her eating habits end up being dictated by stress: she eats too fast and too much, leading to digestion problems, sleeping problems and, in the long run, to serious health issues. Obesity is the most obvious one, but there are also kidney disease and heart disease, for example. In our series, we are going to give you some excellent tips on how to combine foods in a healthy way and a way that also helps you lose weight. You will also find some great, uncomplicated recipes starting with our fifth article.

Stay tuned for the next episode!


Author: Amna El Tawil
Author Bio: Amna is a Health & Fitness Editor at Nutrition Souq. Her specialties are health eating, diet, weight loss and fitness activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. She has contributed to several publications sold on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo in addition to two self-help books for the John Maxwell Organization. She also worked as a full time journalist for the largest media network in the Middle East: MBC.