Series: Ten Part Beginner’s Guide to Sport Supplements


To answer all of your queries we have developed a ten part beginner’s guide that will cover supplements from head to toe. We’ll take you on a journey of the origin of sport supplements. We’ll explain why sport supplements are critical to achieving your fitness goals. Then we’ll cover the benefits of each ‘essential’ supplement type you need to know about. This article is an introduction to what you will get in this series:

Part 1: The Origin of Sports Supplements

Here, we will talk about the history and origin of the supplements. Why they were invented, how they have been used and who uses them.

Part 2: 8 reasons why Supplements are critical to your goals

In this installment we are covering eight solid reasons why supplements are essential for you to achieve your max potential – and prevent injuries & ill-health in the process.

Part 3: Protein and its four different Avatars!

When talking supplements the first thing that hits our mind is protein. This part of the series will cover protein supplements and the four most commonly used types i.e. whey protein, casein protein, egg protein and soy protein.

Part 4: Whey’s way is the best way! Top 5 reasons why whey protein is the ultimate protein.

Whey protein is without doubt the most popular protein on the market. So, we have dedicated a whole article to discuss the top five reasons why whey is the cornerstone of your protein supplements regime.

Part 5: Your ultimate guide to using Casein Protein

Now, whey may be the king of proteins but the king still needs its army and casein leads it. In this article, we will take you to a journey where we explain all the benefits of the slow burning quality of casein. And we will discuss its necessity as a supplement even though it is not as popular as whey.

Part 6: 10 Creatine Myths!

Creatine is a supplement which has become very popular recently because of the myths that has spread about it. In this part of our series we are going to discuss ten most common myths about creatine. Also we’ll provide the facts and benefits of this muscle building supplement.

Part 7: 5 reasons to add Glutamine to your supplements list!

Glutamine has a number of benefits such as it’s used for myriad physiological processes, improves digestion, promotes recovery, etc. In this installment we will be discussing top five reasons why glutamine should be on your supplements shelf.

Part 8: BCAAs The Muscle Life Saver!

BCAAs are the building blocks of protein and protein is the building block of our muscles. So, now you have the brief idea about how important are BCAAs. In the eighth part of this series we will talk about Branched Chain Amino Acids. Questions like what are they? And whether or not should you take them?, will be answered here.

Part 9: Role of Fat Burners in fat loss!

As the title suggests, in this part we will be discussing fat burners and how effective they are if you are trying to lose weight. Plus the hidden benefits such as increased focus at work.

Part 10: 7 reasons to use L- Carnitine

And here comes the last part. In this part we will be discussing about L-Caritine exclusively. Let me give you a hint, the word is that it helps improve the fat burning process.



Author: Pranish Pushkar
Author Bio: Pranish is a freelance writer specializing in fitness and workout psychology. He is the author of many articles and eBooks related to fitness, diet and nutrition across the intertubes.