Part 1: ONE TIP To Lose the First Pounds on your diet

PART 1 OF OUR SERIES: A Woman's Guide To Healthy Eating For Fast Weight Loss

Salt is your enemy!

Every dieter knows to stay away from the dangerous white powder sugar. What many don’t know, however, is that salt is almost as bad. Salt is hydrophilic; meaning it loves water and will turn your body into a sponge. Where there’s salt, there’s always water; so when you get on that bathroom scale, you’ll see some weight that isn’t really yours.

Although the human body is made of 70% water, a healthy body must strike a perfect balance between water ingestion and excretion. In many cases especially among women, the flow gets disrupted and the body ends up retaining rather than excreting water. This leads to water retention which, in turn, leads to water weight gain, puffiness, bloating and, possibly, an increase in the waist line.

Natural food already contains salt. Actually, it contains exactly the right amount of salt the body needs. Humans started adding salt to food as a preservative, but it quickly turned into a tasty, yet un-healthy habit. The good news is that all you need to do as a first step to losing unwanted weight and that “puffed-up” look is to stop adding salt to your food!

Pro Tip: Stop adding salt to your food to reduce water retention and lose that puffed-up look!

It’s not the end of the world

If the first thing that crossed your mind is that your food will become bland and tasteless, we’re happy to tell say we have a solution. Try replacing the salt with herbs like parsley, dill, lovage or spices like pepper, thyme, coriander. These natural condiments bring down the acid levels in your stomach and enhance the natural taste of foods. On top of that, plants such as parsley or lovage are anti-inflammatory and diuretic. The best example of a healthy, great-tasting dish that contains a lot of parsley is tabbouleh – get the recipe here

Pro Tip: Try replacing the salt with herbs like parsley, dill, lovage or spices like pepper, thyme, coriander.

Help your body eliminate excess water

It’s hard to believe that something as plain and as easy to make as coleslaw (great recipe here) can have so many benefits! Aside from having a low calorie count and being very nutritious, coleslaw acts as a strong blood detoxifier and diuretic. Added bonus? Cabbage contains sinigrin, which helps prevent many types of cancer. Is there an upcoming social event where you want to wear that dress and look stunning in it? Follow a quick, 1-day, coleslaw diet and the dress will fit you like a glove!

Pro Tip: Follow a 1-day coleslaw diet before a social event so your favorite dress will fit like a glove!

That’s it for part one of our series about the best healthy recipes to help women lose weight. Be sure to come back and read our next article, where we’ll discuss cravings! We’ll give you the perfect weapon for fighting the number one diet saboteur!


Author: Amna El Tawil
Author Bio: Amna is a Health & Fitness Editor at Nutrition Souq. Her specialties are health eating, diet, weight loss and fitness activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. She has contributed to several publications sold on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo in addition to two self-help books for the John Maxwell Organization. She also worked as a full time journalist for the largest media network in the Middle East: MBC.

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