Series: Your 7 Steps to Weight Loss Success in 2015!

Over the next 6 weeks, we’ll be guiding you in 7-step plan on how to hit your weight loss goals in 2015. 2014 might have left you a little thicker around the waistline and the situation may look bleaker than ever before. But that’s all in the past now. It’s time to make a fresh start! We are giving you the answers. Paulo Coelho said, “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure”. So, if you fantasize a summer body and your not afraid to fail, it’s the right time to achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of!

Here is a breakdown of the 7-steps – make sure to follow us each week to achieve weight-loss success in 2015:

Step 1: How to set your goal and track your progress

Get realistic! That’s the paramount need of a successful weight loss plan. If you’re wanting to lose 40 pounds weight in a week, that’s certainly not going to happen. Set achievable goals and keep a constant track of your progress. For that, make a weight loss buddy or take some help of weight loss/fitness apps like Fitocracy and myfitnesspal.

More details on How to set your goal and track your progress will be covered in WEEK 1.

Step 2: Get motivated & Stay that way

Motivation is the lane to success. Not only you need to stay motivated, but also need to stay that way till you hit your targets.

More details on Getting Motivated will be covered in WEEK 2.

Step 3: Steer clear of EVIL foods

Before you can know what to eat, you should actually know what NOT to eat. Look out for Foods to Eliminate from your Eating List.

That’s what we’ll cover in WEEK 3.

Step 4: Get your 2015 meal plan for success

Weight loss starts when the calories out outpace your calories in. In WEEK 4, we’ll cover Clean Eating, which gives bountiful vitamins, mineral and antioxidants.

Step 5: Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is the centerpiece of losing weight for free. Drink water, juice up fruits and vegetables and abstain from fattening drinks.

Hydration will be our topic of discussion in WEEK 5.

Step 6: Exercise! Work that body - Get your 2015 Exercise plan

You can diet or eat all healthy you want, but all this is useless till you exercise and burn some calories (calories out).

Look out for an Integrated Exercise Schedule in WEEK 6.

Step 7: Fast track success and stay healthy - Supplement plan

Sometimes you need to boost things up a little! We’ll be helping you out in your decision of Weight Loss/Fitness Supplements in WEEK 7.

You’ll also get to know why sleeping is as important as hitting the gym. Lack of sleep might be reason to your weight loss downfall.

Now you’re ready! Create your own 7 days plan for success.

Stay tuned to our blog for some exclusive tips on how to renovate your body in 2015 in an integrated and smart way. Best of luck!


Author: Muhammad Usman
Author Bio: As a doctor Usman has a deep insight in all aspects of writing related to health and sciences. He is a regular contributor to several journals related to health, medicine and sciences. He has produced thousands of quality articles, blog posts and eBooks on topics related to health, fitness, nutrition, weight loss, natural and allopathic cures, lifestyle and much more.