Series: Worlds Top 55 Profiles to follow on Social Media to achieve your fitness goals in 2015

Welcome to our new 11 part series covering the 55 top fitness and nutrition social influencers to follow in 2015. From Facebook to Twitter, review websites to personal blogs - we will share the BEST social resources to help you get the freshest information on health, nutrition, sports and fitness!

Part 1: 5 Top Diet and Workout Recipe Blogs for Weight Loss in 2015

In our first article, we will talk about the 5 must-follow diet and workout blogs to follow. With all the excitement about social media, you cannot ignore the importance of high quality food, diet and workout blogs that have appeared on the Internet recently. These blogs will help you to get quick information about food, nutrition, balanced diet and workout recipes.

Part 2: 5 Top Fitness Trainers on YouTube

In our second article of the series, we will present the top 5 fitness and workout trainers on YouTube who can guide you to effective workouts and fitness exercises in their training videos. Those who are looking for fitness exercises and workout routines may find YouTube as the best social media platform because you can actually watch trainers instead of reading lengthy blog posts.

PART 3: 5 Top Supplement Comparison Websites

To make sure that you are buying the best supplements available, look at products on the 5 top supplement comparison websites discussed in the 3rdpart of the series. With our busy schedules, it can be difficult to get all our nutrition needs from organic food. The best alternative comes in the form of sport supplements.

Part 4: 5 Best Bodybuilding Forums to Join Today

Put forward your questions on the top 5 bodybuilding forums to learn about the new workouts or the feedback about the supplements you are using. Get your answers from the experienced body builders, trainers and top fitness experts active on popular body building forums.

PART 5: 5 Weight Loss Experts You Must Follow on Twitter

In our fifth article in this series 5 Weight Loss Experts You Must Follow on Twitter, learn about the most experienced and famous weight loss experts on Twitter. Our listed weight loss experts are known for guiding their followers to new tips, workouts, diet plans and much more for quick weight loss results.

PART 6: 5 Fitness Fan pages on Facebook to Motivate You!

In the sixth article of our series, we have shared a list of some amazing fitness fan pages on Facebook that can keep you motivated for the entire year. After all, if we are talking about social media, we cannot ignore Facebook, can we?

PART 7: 5 Best Pinterest Accounts for Healthy Food & Recipes

Pinterest is the fastest growing social media platform out there. Part 7 in our series will cover Pinterest Accounts for Healthy Food and Recipes for fitness enthusiasts. Pinterest is an effective tool to learn about food, nutrition, recipes and health.

PART 8: Top 5 Cooking Accounts to Follow on Twitter

Do you love cooking healthy and nutrition filled food? Top 5 Cooking Accounts to Follow on Twitter will introduce some of the best known cooks out there who are sharing their experience, recipes and exciting new tips and techniques regularly on their Twitter accounts.

PART 9: 5 Must Follow Personal Trainers on Twitter to follow in 2015!

In this article, 5 Must Follow Personal Trainers on Twitter to follow in 2015,we will share top 5 personal trainers using Twitter to train their followers in the form of workouts, fitness exercises, balanced diet, nutrition facts and much more.

PART 10: 5 Life Coaches to Follow on Twitter

Bring your lifestyle to the next new level of wellbeing, fitness and happiness by getting your personal training tips and advices from the best life coaches active on Twitter.

PART 11: 5 Workout Blogs to Get Shredded in 2015

We have carefully selected the 5 best workout blogs owned by fitness experts that can help you keep on course of your workout routine in 2015.

To make it simpler for our readers, we will create a comprehensive list of all 50 social media profiles and blogs discussed in our series in the last article "An Ultimate Guide to Social Media Accounts to follow for Health Enthusiasts". Keep reading our blog as things are going to get more excited and certainly more informative in the next article of this series.


Author: Iftikhar Alam
Author Bio: Iftihkar is a regular blogger on Nutrition Souq and focuses on social fitness and nutrition. His goal is to help spread the word on the best nutrition and fitness professionals across the Internet and connect them with readers on the Nutrition Souq blog.