11 Step Guide to Getting Massive in 2015


You’ve been spinning your wheels for long enough. It’s a new year and the time has come to get serious about getting big. Over the next eleven weeks, we’ll be showing you exactly how to think, eat and train to build mass like you never thought possible. But be warned – this program isn’t for the weak. This is the real deal. It is intense, progressive and demanding. For those Spartan warriors tough enough to continue, here’s a breakdown of what’s in store . . .

Step 1: Mind Over Muscle

When it comes to training to get huge, getting your head in the game is the difference between muscle quivering and mediocre. Learn the techniques that the pros use to thrust their training intensity into the stratosphere.

More details on Mind over muscle will be provided in Week 1.

Step 2: Five Basic Steps to Lean Muscle Nutrition

Where do most bodybuilders fail? In the kitchen! Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced muscle builder, nutrition-know-how is the key to optimized muscle growth. Don’t waste all of that hard work in the gym – get the knowledge to nail it with your nutrition.

Learn how to eat for max muscle in Week 2.

Step 3: Seven Essential Principles of Muscle Growth

Most guys are spinning their wheels in the gym. The reason? They are abusing the fundamental principles of muscle growth. Wise up NOW!

Learn all of the essential muscle growth principles in Week 3.

Make 2015 the year that you explode. Learn the mass building moves that will pack pure slabs of lean muscle onto your physique faster than you thought possible.

Get the inside scoop on getting huge in Week 4.

Step 5: Six Hacks to Perfect Pecs

Your chest will ignite with the six hacks that we offer to pec thick slabs of beef onto your body. Think you’ve tried it all? Think again – these moves are designed to pulverize the most stubborn pectorals.

Find out how to blast your chest into submission in Week 5.

Step 6: Fastrack to Building A Huge Back: Six Essential Steps

A huge back is the ultimate power play. Thick lats that taper down into a tiny waist scream out, “Don’t mess with me, chump!” Find out how to fast track your back training to get yourself on the power list.

Get the lowdown in Week 6.

Step 7: Barn Door Delts: Five Ways To Get ‘Em

Wide shoulders are the first thing that identify you as being strong and powerful. Having big shoulders makes your waist look smaller, makes your lats look bigger and makes your upper body look a whole lot better. Getting them that way, though, ain’t easy. Discover the shoulder shocking secrets to blast even the most stubborn delts into submission.
Week 7 has all the details.

Step 8: Wheels of Steel – Three Mega Leg Day Workouts

There is nothing as impressive as a pair of thick, sweeping quads, topped off with chiselled delineated calves. Of course to get wheels of steel takes damn hard work. Maybe that’s why you hardly ever see them. Can you handle the ultimate steel wheels workout?
You’ll find it in Week 8.

Step 9: Six Steps to Lean, Shredded Muscle

Ripped packs, striated triceps, defined delts – it’s the difference between big and jaw dropping! Want jaw dropping muscle – then you gotta’ get shredded!

Learn how to get super lean in Week 9.

Step 10: Ten Bodyweight Moves For Massive Muscles

Think bodyweight exercises are for wimps? Think again – this no weight routine will blast your muscle tissue to oblivion – and it won’t cost you a cent. Are you man enough to handle them?

Find out in Week 10.

Step 11: 6 Hard Gainer Hacks to Huge Muscle When You Plateau

You are a hard gainer. You’ve tried it all and now you’re a frustrated iron pumper. Don’t throw in the towel yet – our advanced training hacks will literally force your muscles to grow.

Don’t miss them in Week 11.


This is where you will find the real deal on what it takes to pack quality pounds of lean mass onto your frame. Forget about scouring the internet for the answers to your mass building dilemma. It’s all here, all day, every day. Be sure to keep checking back for your daily mass attack.


Author: Steve Theunissen
Author Bio: Steve Theunissen is the Nutrition Souq Bodybuilding and Workouts Editor. He is a former gym owner and personal trainer. Steve is the author of 5 hard copy books and dozens of e-books on the subject of fitness, bodybuilding and weight loss.