The 5 Best Fitness Trainers on YouTube

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For fitness enthusiasts looking for a constant source of inspiration for exercises and workout routines, YouTube is the best social media platform because you can actually watch and mimic trainers instead of reading lengthy blog posts.

1. BeFiT

What makes BeFit a standout channel on YouTube is its 30 days programs for a range of targeted workout routines like strength-building, Pilates, fat burn cardio and even fun dance fit sessions. You can get access to FREE videos from many renowned trainers like Jane Fonda, Denise Austin and Jillian Michaels. Following this channel can help you get a perfect body and slimmer waistline in 2015.

Below is a sample video from their channel:

The BeFit channel offers viewers free access to the top trainers in the fitness industry. Similar content is available for paid membership on many fitness websites that makes this channel a must to follow to save some bucks. The YouTube channel is also equally effective for both genders.

2. Fitness Blender

The popular YouTube channel Fitness Blender is owned by a couple who also manage a fitness website, Fitness Blender is focused towards beginners. The Site provides a complete fitness package. Each video is professionally produced and is designed to assist viewers in their quest to a better home-based workout.

Below is a sample video from their channel:

The channel is a great resource for beginners. From Pilates to strength training, followers can have access to everything fitness related. 5-day workout and fitness challenges are also popular. Beginners can also send Daniel & Kelli their questions and they may reply with video.

3. StreamFITtv

StreamFITtv is a great resource for people looking for gym-style workouts at home. The channel is owned by Men’s health fitness expert and certified trainer BJ Gaddour. The videos are mostly about gym-based exercises for fat burning and getting your body into shape.

Below is a sample video from their channel:

BJ Gaddour puts emphasis on providing techniques and different forms of fitness workouts to educate followers. This channel can be very effective for those who want to get into details of each exercise. The new series 7 Moves to Master in 2015 can also become one of your goals this year.

4. My Trainer Bob

The popular YouTube channel MyTrainerBob belongs to personal trainer from reality TV show “The Biggest Loser”, Bob Harper. He acted as a fitness expert in his videos that are mostly targeted towards losing quick weight through workouts. Viewers have to subscribe to his website to access full length DVDs.

Below is a sample video from their channel:

The videos by Bob even when little low in production quality are very effective for people looking to lose quick weight. His first hand experience at The Biggest Loser allows Bob to help obese people with his effective workout, nutrition, food recipes and even motivational videos.

5. Passion4Profession

Passion4Profession is one of the largest fitness channels on YouTube. Viewers can find high quality animated workout videos for any body part or area. From abs to butts & legs workouts, the large database of videos is a great resource from beginners to amateur fitness enthusiasts.

Below is a sample video from their channel:

The animation used in the videos make this channel different and easy to understand for beginners. You can listen, watch and even read text in the videos to learn every detail about the workout.


Author: Iftikhar Alam
Author Bio: Iftihkar is a regular blogger on Nutrition Souq and focuses on social fitness and nutrition. His goal is to help spread the word on the best nutrition and fitness professionals across the Internet and connect them with readers on the Nutrition Souq blog.