5 Proven Strategies for Designing the Perfect Summer Workout Schedule In Dubai

PART 4 OF OUR SERIES: Guide to Maintaining Your Workout Schedule in the DUBAI Summer Months

A list of strategies for you to use to design an effective workout schedule you can stick with this summer.

You schedule all the important activities in your life from meetings, appointments and dinner with friends. Exercise is essential for maintaining a high fitness level and should be equally important when planning out a schedule. Just like other activities and necessary meetings, you don’t want to miss it. Making a definite schedule for workouts will increase the chances that you will do them. Here are some strategies to use to help you create the perfect workout schedule; one that you can stick to and achieve results.

Strategy 1: Choose a Realistic Time Frame

If you are not a morning person and you tend to hit the snooze numerous times in the morning don’t set your workout time for a pre-dawn hour. Find a time that is going to work for you. However, if you find yourself ready to go to bed by 9 PM select an earlier time for your workout – or try working out in the mornings. Find a realistic time that is going to work and work it!

Strategy 2: Set Personal Goals

You should have a set of overall goals that you want to achieve. While these may change periodically, they will give you something to work towards on a regular basis. Aside from your long-range goals, it is important to set goals for each workout session. Know what you want to achieve during each session. Broader goals will keep you moving and help you design individual day’s workouts but when you have a specific goal in mind for each day’s session it gives you something to focus on. Determine tangible goals like being able to run for 400m in just a minute, or being able to do 25 pushups. Goals should be more specific than something like gaining more muscle mass.

Strategy 3: Record Your Progress

With each day’s workout you should be getting faster, stronger and fitter. Keeping a log of your workouts and progress is a great way to stay motivated to continue working out. Record all the basics like your body measurements and weight.

Along with these stats you will also want to keep track of things like how many reps you do for each exercise as well as the how much weight you are lifting. You can also write down how fast you perform each exercise routine. After a few workouts you can look back and see your progress in black and white. This works as an incentive to keep you on task

Pro Tip: Use an app to track your workout progress. A great app is Fitocracy. Fitocracy creates a ‘role-playing-game’ out of working out where you gain points, level-up and achieve challenges. You can also compete against your friends and the community.

Strategy 4: Mix it Up

There are several reasons for adding variety to your workouts. For one thing, you will want to work different muscle groups and have separate goals for each group. It’s important to allow some muscle groups to rest at times and it helps fight off boredom. Doing the exact same routine every time will you exercise will get boring. By focusing on different muscle groups you will have well-rounded workouts and give each muscle group the individual attention needed.

Strategy 5: Be Consistent

One of your goals should be consistency with your workouts. Even if you have to cut your time short due to other obligations, a shorter than usual session is better than doing nothing at all. Don’t skip workouts if you run short on time; go for quality over quantity when you are in a time crunch. Try doing some circuit training and pick up the speed. This will still get your heart rate up and help build muscle mass. It is just as effective to do multiple 10 to 15 minute workouts throughout the day if you can’t get in a single workout.

Creating a workout schedule is a critical ingredient to staying focused and achieving your workout goals. Using our schedule development strategies, you can start to craft the ultimate schedule that works for you!


Author: Mary Olinger
Author Bio: Mary Olinger is a Fitness & Workout Nutrition Editor at Nutrition Souq. She is a marathoner who trains year round. She holds a Master’s Degree in Health Education. Her expertise is in the field of fitness, diet, weight loss and nutrition. She is an international educator who enjoys writing to helping people make healthier life choices.