SERIES: Project Bikini Body – Toning-Up For The perfect Summer Bikini Body With HIIT

HIIT workouts, diet plans, motivational sources and lifestyle modifications in a nutshell

It takes more than just the right workout routine to trim down unwanted fat and carve the right cuts and curves into the body. The perfect bikini body is the result of tough lifestyle modifications, a combination of adipose burning and muscle building exercises, a strict diet plan with high nutrition value, and the right amount of motivation to keep going till the goal has been achieved. Fortunately, HIIT, or the High Intensity Interval Training is the ideal amalgamation of all these elements, and guarantees remarkable results for both men and women.

Following is an introduction to our HIIT series. We’ll show you how HITT can be used to full advantage in order to achieve a perfectly chiseled beach body in a matter of weeks. Each step will then be discussed in detail as the series progresses

An Introduction to HIIT

This chapter includes everything you need to know about HIIT. The popular training regime has, within a very short span of time, become a hot favorite among workout enthusiasts across the globe, and in this chapter, you will learn exactly why it attained this level of popularity.

Top 10 Body Weight Workouts To Incorporate In Your HIIT Routine

Top 10 Body Weight Workouts, as the title suggests, will give you a comprehensive insight on the best exercises for rapid, ultra rewarding results in the form of fat burning and muscle building. These workouts should be followed religiously and integrated into daily routines for fitness fanatics who prefer staying in enviable shape throughout the year.

8 Week HIIT Workout Program For Beginners

The 8 Week Beginners HIIT Crash course chapter will enlighten you on all the exercises, lifestyle modifications and diet changes you need to follow in order to yield the best results from the HII Training. The course is ideal for beginners and is the first step towards the fitness pro level.

6 Recommended Diet Plans to HIIT Harder

This chapter is the ultimate guide to the most effective diet plans for HIIT enthusiasts to follow as they attempt to give the best shape to their bodies through intensive hard work. The diet plans also help individuals understand the importance of a balanced, nutritious meal and the role it has to play in yielding the right amount of energy to keep going.

How to keep motivated for HIIT

In the recipe that creates the most awe-inspiring body, motivation is the top ingredient. The success of HIIT depends entirely upon your motivation to carry the program forward till the very end, to integrate HIIT into your daily routine. Permanently. In this chapter, you will learn about how you too can find the right source of motivation to keep you pumped at all times.

HIIT for your home

Not everyone has the time or resources to visit the gym on regular basis; but that certainly does not mean that you’ve lost your right to having the perfect bikini body. In this chapter you will learn about all the exercises you can perform within the comfort of your home, and enjoy the same results as those that workout at the gym!

Ultimate HIIT Routines for the Gym

What makes HIIT unique is the kind of exercises it incorporates in the form of timed intervals. Learn all about the workouts you can practice while you’re at the gym, and have access to the right equipment, in order to maximize your efforts towards the end result.

Take your HIIT Outdoors

A large number of people agree that the outdoors is the best place to work out – and we agree! Being outdoor brings to the body a different kind of energy that neither your lounge, nor your gym can promise. This chapter is a complete guide to all the workout routines you can easily perform outdoors daily.

Measuring your HIIT Progress

It is important to keep evaluating the progress of your hard work on weekly basis. Not only does this motivate you to work harder, it also shows you a glimpse of all the potentials HIIT holds for you.

Project Bikini Body Phase II

Once you’ve successfully completed the Beginners Phase I, you’ll find yourself addicted to HIIT after experiencing its astounding results. This means you’re now ready for Phase II of Project Bikini Body!

The Final Article In Our Series Will Help You Fully Understand Hiit Through Its Results. Each Chapter And All The Aspects Of Hiit It Covers Make It Simple To See That Hiit Is Not Just Another Workout Routine That Promises Rapid Weight Loss And Muscle Gain – It Is A Complete Lifestyle Choice. STAY TUNED FOR THE FIRST ARTICLE IN OUR SERIES: AN INTRODUCTION TO HIIT.


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