Part 3: The 5 Best Supplement Review Websites

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To make sure that you are buying the best supplements available, check out the 5 best supplement comparison websites listed in this article. With our busy schedules, it can be difficult to get all our nutrition needs from organic food. The best alternative comes in the form of sport and vitamin supplements. Just make sure to compare top products at the listed supplement comparison/review websites to ensure the best value for your money.


supplement Critic

Unlike many other review websites, owner of the Supplement Critique tests the products on his own before evaluating a product. On other review websites, you can read about customer reviews only but on Supplement Critique, the product is ranked after an evaluation of personal testing, customer reviews, side effects, reputation of manufacturers and effectiveness of ingredients.

All the reviews are in detail but concise and to the point. The founder of the website Rob Miller also adds his own experience with each product in conclusion. Popular reviewed products are pre workout supplements, fat burners, male enhancement, testosterone boosters and more.

What Makes Supplement Critique Different? Personal experience from the founder Rob Miller who tests almost all products on his own. In addition to written reviews, the website also contains video reviews. Rob also answers all the questions asked by readers under the comment section. You can also get a free ebook “How to get Lean, Ripped and Strong Quickly” for signing up.

Twitter Handle: @SuppCritique



Examine is a more scientific and investigative supplement review website. Instead of comparing products based on what users are saying about them, supplements and nutrition sources are evaluated according to scientific research. Each review is very detailed with every ingredient explained scientifically along with references from quality science publications. In addition to supplement comparison website, it also acts as a nutrition/supplement encyclopedia.

What Makes Different? For those who trust science over user’s opinion, is the one and only supplement comparison source. Each review provides “Human Effect Matrix” that explains the effectiveness of the product on human body. Every product is reviewed by highly qualified medical experts like Dr. Spencer Nadolsky, Cassandra Forsythe and many more.

Twitter Handle: @Examinecom


Bodybuilding is known as a well established and popular bodybuilding forum but it is also a supplement review website. For bodybuilding and pre workout supplements, is probably the best review source. For each supplement, readers can view an overall rating along with verified buyer rating to ensure genuine feedback from real users. Reviewers are mostly forum members who share their own experiences with different products.

What Makes Different? The number of reviewed supplements listed is difficult to find on any other website. ‘Verified Buyers’ rate each product, which makes the ratings and comparisons more reliable. also enjoys over 2 million fans on Facebook and almost half a million followers on Twitter.

Twitter Handle: @bodybuildingcom


Supplement Geek

Owned by Joe Cannon who holds a Masters degree in exercise science and a BS degree in biology and chemistry, promises to provide true facts about the listed supplements. Joe Cannon is also a writer of several books including “Nutritional Supplements What Works and Why”. Most of his reviews are critical on popular commercial products. Here you can compare popular weight loss, anti aging, herbal, joint and diabetes supplements.

What Makes Different? The website provides personal experience and commentary from an exercise physiologist and someone who is considered as an authority in the industry. All reviews are in detail which includes commentary on ingredients used, effectiveness, scientific research and Joe’s personal experience.

Twitter Handle: No Twitter handle is associated with the website yet.


Supplement Reviews

The sole purpose of is to provide high quality reviews from only trusted and actual users. Supplements are rated by the registered members who are than categorized under different categories like beginners or expert reviewers. Each reviewer holds different input value associated with the category and based on his or her experience. This way, the review website tries to provide the most genuine rating output to their readers.

What Makes Different? If compared to other listed websites in this article, consists of the most eye catching and sleek web design. It also provides a user friendly and smart supplement comparison rating along with each review.

Twitter Handle: @SRdotCom


Author: Iftikhar Alam
Author Bio: Iftihkar is a regular blogger on Nutrition Souq and focuses on social fitness and nutrition. His goal is to help spread the word on the best nutrition and fitness professionals across the Internet and connect them with readers on the Nutrition Souq blog.