8 Reasons why Sport Supplements are critical to your GOALS!

PART 2 OF OUR SERIES: Ten Part Beginner’s Guide to Sport Supplements

In the previous article we talked about the history and origin of the sport supplements and how they have risen to prominence in the health and fitness industry. Now we discuss the importance of supplements to your fitness goals. Supplements can’t take the place of a healthy diet. But they do undeniably improve the rate at which you move towards your fitness goals. Here’s why:

Reason 1: Supplements promote muscle recovery

No matter how much you train your muscles, if you don’t provide them with proper recovery, they’re not going to grow. Recovery is important as much as proper training and a proper diet. Supplements like BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids), Glutamine, whey and casein protein help enhance the recovery process and thus help you build more muscle quickly. BCAAs will help the muscle stitch themselves back together, while protein will provide them with the material to do so!

Pro Tip: Your beginner supplement stack should contain a minimum of whey protein powder and a BCAAs replenishment tablet. Optimum Nutrition, MusclePharm and Muscletech all have great tasting supplements for beginners.

Reason 2: Pre-workout Supplements for focus and Energy

Pre-workout supplements have been designed to help increase focus during a workout and give you a MEGA pump before you start. Pre-workout supps typically contain either Creatine Monohydrate or L-Arginine with a dash of Nitric Oxide to increase blood flow to enhance distribution of nutrients throughout the body. They also contain several vitamins, minerals and herbs (like caffeine monohydrate) that will help enhance your performance.

Pre-workout supps have been found to provide:

  • Boundless levels of energy
  • Long lasting Stamina to keep you strong throughout the workout
  • Up to 150% increase in strength within 4 weeks
  • Build up ‘Lean Mass’ faster than any other supplements

Cellucor C4

BSN N.O.- Xplode 

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard

Reason 3: Get Herculean strength in your bones and joints

It is suggested to consume multi-vitamins for general health, pain-free joints, bones and skin. The composition of vitamins and minerals present in multivitamin supplements help you recover from the wear and tear caused during rigorous workouts and prevent any long-term issue that might take place. One of the best supplements for joints is Fish Oil – make sure you add it as a key supplement in your next stack!

Pro Tip: Universal Nutrition has a couple of great products called Animal Nitro and Animal Flex that are a great combination for general wellness and Joints.

Reason 4: For the ‘Body-Builders’ – Bulk up FAST

One serving of a mass gainer may contain 400-600 calories and that’s the amount of calorie surplus you need to put on a pound every week. Try consuming those extra calories without packing on a pound of fat! It requires a huge amount of clean food to add mass. However, with mass gainers those gains are just a shake away.

Here are the most recommended mass gainers:

  • Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer
  • BSN True Mass
  • Muscletech Mass-Tech

Reason 5: Lose the extra tire you’re carrying with Fat Burners

Fat burners act as a catalyst to increase your body’s fat burning rate. But just popping a fat burner won’t do the trick if you don’t get off of your ass. Just imagine if the rate at which you burn fat is doubled then the amount of work you need to put in automatically reduces to half. Isn’t that great? Fat burners also typically include stimulants such as Green Tea, Cranberry, Caffeine and other natural stimulants that help to increase your thermo-genic body temperature, increasing your metabolism and thus your ability to burn calories.

Nutrition Souq Recommends: Cellucor Super HD tablets – they work fast and give you a great energy boost.

Reason 6: A quick fix meal replacement

Whilst in a pursuit of your goals, skipping a meal or even missing out on a macro can result in a setback. In such cases, supplements come to your rescue. Let’s say you are in a hurry and don’t have time to cook that chicken breast you had bought. All you need to do is make a protein shake and cover your protein needs. Make sure not to make it a regular habit though… Remember… ‘Supplement’!

Reason 7: They improve your cardiovascular health

Not all fats were created equal. Although ‘FAT’ has a bad reputation, some fats are NEEDED to support your cardiovascular health. Supplements containing omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial to your heart and decrease the risk of coronary artery disease.

Here are the top 3 fish oil supplements that are a must for your supplements rack:

  • MusclePharm Fish Oil
  • Met-Rx Fish Oil with Vitamin D
  • BSN Fish Oil DNA

Reason 8: Live long, Live Young

Who doesn’t want to reduce the signs of ageing? Some supplements actually help in the biosynthesis of glutathione - natural anti-oxidant that helps in retarding the effects of ageing.

So there you have it, 8 reasons supplements are critical to your goals. Supplements may not be the ‘secret wonder drugs’ that some companies make them out to be… But they are clinically proven to increase performance, support health goals and give you increased energy to drive you to excel.


Author: Pranish Pushkar
Author Bio: Pranish is a freelance writer specializing in fitness and workout psychology. He is the author of many articles and eBooks related to fitness, diet and nutrition across the intertubes.