Part 1: Welcome to the world of Bikini Body HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

PART ONE IN OUR SERIES: Project Bikini Body - Toning down for the perfect bikini body with HIIT

With summer right around the corner, it is yet again that time of the year when everyone hits the beach to bake away under the sun. Get ready for some serious ‘beaching’ this summer with our bikini body building HIIT series. Each week, follow our awesome weight loss, diet plans and muscle tone establishing exercises for the perfect, magazine cover-worthy bikini body.

Whether you’re trying to catch a tide for the perfect surf, or simply intend to sun bathe, the first thing you need to do is to tone your body down to make those swimsuits look like a million bucks. To trim down the fat and bring out your body’s true potential, we believe the HIIT routine, along with its remarkably effective exercises and diet plans is the ideal path towards turning heads and dropping jaws when you walk the beach this summer.

The HIIT Routine - Overview

HIIT is one of the most popular workout routines of today owing to the fact that it guarantees outstanding results and works effectively for both, men and women. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and is a routine that combines low and high intensity intervals for ultra efficient fat burning and body toning. The routine is opted particularly by individuals interested in achieving the perfect body tone and musculature within a manner of weeks.

The exercises:

According to experts, the HIIT is better than conventional cardio exercises in a number of ways. For instance, it works in two ways simultaneously; it boosts the body’s anaerobic and aerobic endurance, and at the same time allows for rapid fat burning as well as muscle building. Athletes generally prefer HIIT routines over cardio, especially in areas of high altitude where there is a significant drop in oxygen levels.

The diet plans

It is critical to remember that opting for the HIIT routine means adhering to a strict diet plan that must not be deviated from. HIIT allows only calculated amount of balanced dietary nutrients including proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Following the HIIT diet plans assists in optimizing the workout results and achieving the desired goals faster.

The duration

Unnecessary haste rarely ever produces positive results; the key is to remain focused and motivated each day. Generally, a conventional HIIT routine lasts for about 7-8 weeks during which an individual is required to alternate between a number of different exercises while adhering to a set diet plan. However, one can easily appreciate the changes in the body towards the end of each week after consistent workouts.

HIIT training is the ultimate way to get toned and lose weight. Fast. But it will take hard work and focus. Keeping the mind focused and body motivated is the first, most critical step towards any workout routine. With our guidance, the right amount of motivation, persistence, self-belief, discipline and punctuality, we will give you the power to carve the perfect shape, tone, form and contour of your bikini body.


Author: Laura Vincent
Author Bio: Laura Vincent is a Health & Fitness Editor at Nutrition Souq. She is a graduate journalist, published author and a model. Modeling created her inclination towards fitness, health and nutrition, encouraging her to get to follow her passion and become a health & fitness professional. Her work has appeared on numerous fitness and workout blogs.