3 Reasons Why Men in the UAE Should Add Yoga to their Workout Routine


The stereotype that Yoga is only for women is now behind us, as it is evident now at yoga classes that more and more men are joining in. You may be thinking it is because many of the women that attend yoga sessions are fit and are wearing tight clothing. Sure, this is a valid point; however, a lot of men are realizing other major benefits too. According to one of the largest fitness organizations in the world, the American College of Sports Medicine, Yoga moved up to #7 (it was #10 for 2014) on the Top 20 List of Fitness Trends for 2015.

Yoga is now very popular across the world, and has really picked up in the UAE the past year, specifically in Dubai.

#1 Flexibility

Although most men may not be able to do what this man is doing in the photo, they will definitely improve their overall flexibility from practicing yoga. The main benefit is gaining more range of motion for your muscles and joints. Almost instantly, you will notice that you have improved athletic movements, whether it is a swinging a tennis racquet, golf club, etc.

Pro Tip: For all the men out there with broad shoulders and a slight hunch, the added flexibility that results from holding yoga positions, such as the Cobra Pose, will drastically improve the alignment in your spine, and your posture will be corrected.

#2 Stress Management

Let’s face it, a lot of us have busy schedules nowadays. We have a lot going on, but it is important to take care of our wellbeing. Yoga has been proven to help with managing stress and improving our overall attitude. At the core, yoga is a meditative practice. It will also help you look and feel younger due to the decreased stress levels. Shivani Adalja, a Dubai-based wellbeing expert, is a big yoga advocate and states that we should “practice some form of meditation daily, as Meditation helps in restoring depleted energy while helping you to relax.”

Pro Tip: Try mindful meditation a few times per week for only 3-5 minutes. It is a quick way to meditate and is a great way to start off your day. LifeWorks in Dubai provides a popular course on mindful meditation.

#3 Improved Relationships

Men are not typically well-connected to their emotions, and therefore this can lead to many turbulent moments in any relationship. Yoga will enhance your emotional intelligence, and thus allowing for you to be more self-aware and become a better listener. With that added benefit, there is a quick fix to reducing any disagreements with your partner due to not actively listening or showing your emotions. Both you and your partner can look to spending more quality time together.

Aside from being more emotionally available, things will greatly improve in the bedroom for the both of you. You will not only be able to connect on a strong emotional level, you will now have more time to ‘be in the moment,’ and be way more flexible to do many amazing things that will stay private between the two of you.

Love is how it feels to recognize our essential unity. Awakening to oneness is the experience of Big Love. Knowing you are one with all, you find yourself in love with all.
— Timothy Freke

Pro Tip: When you go to your next yoga class, bring your partner. It will only improve your relationship further and you will have fun while doing it.


Now you know why Yoga is so popular. If you haven’t added yoga to your fitness routine, do it as soon as you can to take advantage of the added benefits. You will see improvements, not only in the gym or playing sports, but with your overall attitude and wellbeing. If you are located in Dubai, there are also a lot of great yoga teachers and studios to visit. Go work on being a better you!


Author: Damian Brennan
Author Bio: Damian is the founder of Nutrition Souq. He is a gym junkie, sports enthusiast, entrepreneur and totally focused on improving the fitness industry in the Middle East.