Cross-fit in Dubai - Top 7 Clubs to Choose From


There are many well developed cross-fit training and facility providers out there in Dubai and newer and richer cross-fit training and sporting facilities are ever a coming. However, designing and running successful cross-fit campaigns, whether it be ordinary daily classes or rigorous training for professionals, are never easy and appropriate without well trained and experienced coaches or trainers. Besides, it involves the presence of complex equipment, methods and hearty environment of communal cooperation for any cross-fit program to be successful.

Having this in mind we have come out with a selection of top 7 cross-fit destinations here in Dubai for you to choose from. Check them out below:

Reebok Cross-fit

Going with the subtitle ‘lifespark’ Reebok Cross-fit can be trusted without any doubt for your cross-fit pursuits. Having word class trainers like Candice Howe, Benjamin Ford and Lee Bradbury Reebok Cross-fit has risen up to fulfill all the requirements a perfect cross-fit facility should have. Besides, they offer classes and training for interested athletes and beginners of all intensity level and age groups.

Address: Unit G10, Concorde Tower, JLT Dubai, UAE


Rig Cross-fit

The second on the list is Rig Cross-fit. Although we have found them to be best for the beginners with their Cross-fit lite classes they are no less competent in terms of rigorous athletic cross-fit pursuits. So, whatever may be your present situation, go to Rig cross-fit to meet Lori Tusa, Wayne Theron, Karina Bensemann - the experienced and qualified trainers there to determine your required intensity level.

Address: 1 8 A St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Ware House Gym

If you want some really steamy setup to try your cross-fit endeavors along with dedicated and functional training space with MMA cage and boxing arenas then you can try out the cross-fit classes offered by the Warehouse Gym. Although they offer courses to teens and kids too, but my evaluations sets them at best for the professional high intensity cross-fit pursuers.

Address: Umm Suqeim Road, Al Quoz Ind.3, Dubai, UAE


Cross-fit Metalize

With a closed off 200m outdoor running track & 30,000 square foot workout area cross-fit metalize can very well serve as your desired cross-fit location. Besides having this vast area for practice it also offers experienced, dedicated and reputed coaches like Mr. Abdul, Salma Mustafa, Tanner Shuck, Marissa Ramirez, John Britton, Jerome Datoy and Justin Ahrens.

Address: Ras Al Khor Road, Dubai, UAE


Cross-fit Gold Box

Cross-fit Gold Box is ready to launch this year with state of the art equipment and world class trainers for every level of cross-fit lovers. Whether you are currently on the pro level or just trying to get a hold over your fitness with cross-fit, cross-fit gold box can be the right destination for you. Designed by two-time World’s Fittest Woman Annie Thorisdottir and powered by Reebok, Gold box is anticipating a grand opening soon this year.

Address: Noor Islamic Metro Station, Across from Nissan Service Center, Al Quoz, Dubai


Inner Fight

Although not totally dedicated to cross-fit, as they are basically a professional level gym, Inner fight is no less competent in their cross-fit training and coaching facilities. With internationally acclaimed trainers like Marcus Smith, Matt Jones, Phil Hesketh and some other Inner Fight offers special cross-fit classes customized according to your fitness level, which they have termed as Cross-fit DXB.

Address: 4th Street,Al Qouz 3, Dobau, UAE


Cross-fit sands

With a vision of making cross-fit suitable and properly utilized for each and every level of athletes and enthusiasts cross-fit sands offers very well designed cross-fit classes and training programs. Whether you want it for your kids or for yourself cross-fit sands has to offer classes for everybody. However, my personal assessment of their services revealed that they are most suitable for kids and early enthusiasts and not so much suitable for those who are looking for rigorous athletics and gymnastics at the professional level.

Address: G01 Daytona House, Dubai Autodrome, Motor City, Dubai, UAE


So, here you go with the list of top 7 cross-fit destinations in Dubai for you to choose from. One thing you should remember that most of the cross-fit facilities listed here offer the first class for free for their visitors to assess their facilities and training modules before finally enrolling in their courses. That means, you can very well go and try more than one of your choice and then proceed on to making the final selection. Now, go cross-fit!


Author: Damian Brennan
Author Bio: Damian is the founder of Nutrition Souq. He is a gym junkie, sports enthusiast, entrepreneur and totally focused on improving the fitness industry in the Middle East.