Hot New Fitness Trends Sweeping Dubai This Summer: Bodyart Classes Vs The Insanity Workout


Bodyart Classes

Bodyart classes provide a fusion of Pilates, Yoga, Dance and fitness moves, all combined to make a unique full body workout. Based Eastern principles this approach to exercise brings mindfulness to a tough feeling, yet individualised workout, and encourages an awareness of the whole body/mind connection.

Robert Steinbacher is the creator of Bodyart. He is a Therapist who works with special needs children, and also an avid dancer. He had the inspiration to bring together the physical therapy exercises he used with his children, and integrate them with dance moves, Yoga and Pilates to create this dynamic workout.

What To Expect

Using bodyweight alone the Bodyart classes combine many elements of exercise and movement. There is even a ‘crazy’ freestyle dance section in the middle of the class, lots of fun as long as you don’t mind looking a bit silly for a few minutes. Plus there were the tough and challenging power body moves, such as squatting real low and wide to the floor and then jumping up high with arms high. There is an element of interval training in this class too, as many of the exercises are repeated over and over in 2 minute blocks.

The Verdict On Bodyart Classes

Definitely worth a go. This workout really is like nothing you have ever experienced before and you may find it just a little addictive. It has been described as ‘hard yet gentle’ and ‘restorative’.

With the mind and body elements both covered, and plenty of scope for all levels of fitness, this is an effective, holistic full body workout that is challenging, mindful and enjoyable. 9 out of 10 for ingenuity!

Pro Tip: Bring mindfulness to all your exercise activities for maximum benefits.

The Insanity Workout

Last year the Insanity workout took the US by storm, producing some great results for fitness buffs and regular people alike. Introduced to Abu Dhabi at the beginning of 2015, Insanity is now making its way across the UAE. Insanity classes have a reputation for being ‘insanely’ tough, hence the name, so what is the real truth about this new fitness craze?

Insanity classes are essentially interval training within a class format, using very intense bursts of activity, followed by shorter periods of rest. The class is split into ‘blocks’, each block targeting a different area of your body, for full body toning and maximum fat burning.

What To Expect

This workout is usually offered in classes that last for either 30 or 50 minutes, so it’s great if you are pushed for time. It includes many power moves designed to challenge the whole body such as Burpees and Power Squats, however these moves can be adapted if you are a beginner.

Pro Tip: Use power moves like deep squats and Burpees when at home to burn some extra calories, tone and build muscle. Always warm up first!

The Verdict On Insanity Classes

Insanity classes are not for the faint hearted. This is surely a workout to be tried for those who are up for a challenge, and who like maximum results in the minimum time.

Comparing Bodyart Classes With The Insanity Workout

Although the two workouts are very different in approach and style, there are some similarities. Both use only your bodyweight for the workout, not utilising weights, bands or other fitness equipment. Both include an element of interval training within the class, and both also claim to be suitable for all fitness levels (the insanity workout, really?). Always check with the health club regarding the suitability of a class before booking.

Where To Find The Classes?

Bodyart classes can be found at any of the Gold’s Gym’s health clubs, located across the UAE. For details and to locate your closest gym visit their website:

The Insanity workout is currently only available in Abu Dhabi. For details of where you can take a class visit - stayfitme offers mobile fitness classes across Abu Dhabi.


Author: Julie Ritchie
Author Bio: Julie is a Nutrition Souq Fitness Champion Editor. She is a qualified Personal Trainer who spent many years teaching Zumba, Fitness Pilates, Pole Fitness and offering weight loss coaching. She is a fan of the natural approach to fitness and enjoys exercising and eating for pleasure and health.


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