Get into SWEAT Training in Dubai Your Gym Away from the Gym


Going to the gym isn’t always the best way to get fit. Let’s be honest – it can be kind of boring. You’re locked for an hour in a place where there’s barely any air and you perform the same routines over and over again until your body becomes so stiff that you start walking like Robocop.

Lucky you live in Dubai. Lucky there are alternatives. Introducing SWEAT training - one of the hot new training routines taking the UAE fitness world by storm. Despite the heat, people are starting to subscribe to the SWEAT way – training in a park or on the beach, breathing fresh air, surrounded by other like-minded people, and increasing the mobility and endurance of your body while having fun. It’s the opposite of gym training, and it does give amazing results.

SWEAT training incorporates sports movements from various sports such as NFL, rugby, free running, and even break dancing. This sports cocktail forms a routine that burns calories, increases endurance, improves cardiovascular fitness, and strengthens the body, all the while using movements that would be useful in everyday life.

The best thing about SWEAT training – it’s conducted outside and it feels a lot more natural than spending time at the gym. Many of the exercises are done in groups, so it also helps promote pro-social behavior and team spirit, making SWEAT beneficial for both mind and body.

The Amazing Benefits of SWEAT Training in Dubai:

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Most people in Dubai (UAE and rest of the developed world) today lead a very sedentary life. Even those who work out often do it a manner that stiffens the body. As a result, back and joint pains are common, even in younger people. SWEAT training’s emphasis on mobility helps you get around all that. Each exercise includes a lot of mobility-improving movements that are sure to get your body going. SWEAT training will get your body moving in multiple directions and speeds to become more effective at preparing the body for stresses.

Cardiovascular fitness

SWEAT training offers a lot of aerobic cardio exercises. Some of the other SWEATERS say that cardiovascular fitness improves thanks to the training. The regime is based on sport science and, unlike the gym, has a great impact on your cardio system.


SWEAT training increases endurance due to the nature of the exercises it includes. Stop-start movements, anaerobic + aerobic routines, multiple direction action and whole body workouts all combine for a collective endurance boost! It also has positive effects on the way our muscles age.

Pro Tip: Endurance training increases the length of the telomeres (the caps that surround the DNA in our cells, protecting it from damage), parts of the cells that have a lot to do with the process of cell aging.


Training outdoors means that you don’t have access to fancy equipment. Good thing that you don’t need it in order to get stronger. SWEAT training involves callisthenic (or bodyweight) exercises that help build up your strength.

Weight loss

SWEAT training burns calories like there’s no tomorrow. It’s a fantastic workout for losing weight and toning up your thighs, hips, glutes and abs. Combined with a good diet, you’ll see excellent results in no time!

Pro-social behavior

People are social creatures and working in groups is the natural way to go for most of us. SWEAT training is usually performed in a park with lots of people, which promotes pro-social behavior. Many of the exercises can be performed individually at home, but it's a lot more fun to get together in a group and work up a great sweat as a team.

Where to do SWEAT classes in Dubai:

Specialized SWEAT classes are conducted in Bar Park at Skydive Club in Dubai by UAE SWEAT company. They’re also coming soon to Al Barsha, as well. For more information visit the SWEAT UAE website or call them on +971 56 261 7359.


SWEAT training is an amazing way to stay in shape, improve your fitness, and have some fun at the same time. It’s outdoors, allowing you to breathe the fresh air and admire the beauty of nature while you work out your muscles and improve your overall physique, beats going to the gym any day of the week.


Author: Amna El Tawil
Author Bio: Amna is a Health & Fitness Editor at Nutrition Souq. Her specialties are health eating, diet, weight loss and fitness activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. She has contributed to several publications sold on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo in addition to two self-help books for the John Maxwell Organization. She also worked as a full time journalist for the largest media network in the Middle East: MBC.