The Best Fitness Blogs By Fitness Clubs and Gyms in The UAE

Learn from the best in the business on how to lose weight, get fit, eat healthy, gain muscle and reach your goals!

Here in Dubai we are pretty proud of our Fitness Industry, and we should be! We have some top class fitness clubs, gyms and fitness studios with years of valuable experience they want to share with you. While we couldn't list EVERY blog, we have put together a list of our favorites so you can get the latest fitness, health, diet and weight loss news from the people that know best!

Body Language

Type: Health Club

What they do: The facilities at this health club include a state of the art gym, a swimming pool, tennis courts and Personal Trainers.
The blog is: Colourful, vibrant, fun and offers some good articles on diet, exercise, detox and health.

Body Smart

Type: Weight Loss And Body Shaping Centre

What they do: They provide a range of services to help you lose weight and shape up, including The Hypoxi Body Shaping System, Lipomassage to remove cellulite, Powerplates and more. They have specially trained coaches to show you how to use the equipment and to advise on which package is best for you.
The blog is: Packed with informative articles all about weight loss and body shaping. There is a lot of content there for those looking to shape up and lose weight or lose bodyfat.

Dance Fit

Type: Dance Studio

What they do: A wide selection of dance dance classes and dance style fitness classes such as Zumba, Belly Dancing and Power Woman Circuit to mention just a few.
The blog is: Colourful and fun! With a mixture of local news, info on all matters dance related and some diet and health advice thrown in. This blog is targeted towards women.

Fitness HQ

Type: Gym

What they do: Offering a fully equipped, spacious gym with the latest fitness equipment and a full schedule of exercise classes. Classes include muscle strength and toning classes, Les Mills RPM (spinning) and Boxing. They also offer a free day pass which allows you to try out their facilities for free for one day including taking any of the classes scheduled for that day.
The blog is: Centred mainly around training and fitness advice. It’s an informative and functional blog.

Inner Fight

Type: Gym

What they do: The ethos of the Inner Fight brand is to help people improve their overall performance, in every area of their life as well as their fitness. Inner Fight have a very large gym space and in addition offer classes and Personal Training.
The blog is: Packed with detailed workout schedules and fitness regimes for you to try out in your training. Perfect for those who are committed to getting fit or building muscle with some recipes and even podcasts thrown into the mix.

Jeanique Yoga And Pilates

Type: Yoga and Pilates Studio

What they do: Yoga and Pilates classes some using equipments and targeting specific areas of the body.
The blog is: User friendly for all Yogis, including some articles based around exercise, Yoga and Pilates, as well as some articles on mindfulness and living well. There are also some delicious looking healthy recipes.

Life Fitness

Type: Shop / Supplier

What they do: Life Fitness provide fitness equipment to both the public and the commercial fitness industry. They have a shop in The Dubai Mall selling all kinds of fitness and gym equipment.
The blog is: A well presented, informative health and fitness blog. Aimed at both Trainers and members of the publics, some of the content is based around using their equipment, apps etc, and most of the articles provide exercise, fitness and diet tips.


Type: Wellness Centre

What they do: A very wide range of energy healing, alternative therapies, activities, retreats and meditation classes. Some of the services offered include Reika, Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnotherapy and many more.
The blog is: A wealth of information on alternative therapies and energy healing aimed at the whole family. With articles detailing what to expect with the different therapies on offer alongside spiritual traditions and practices to enhance your life and wellbeing.

Yoga Ashram

Type: Yoga Studio

What they do: A diverse range of Yoga classes offered including corporate Yoga and Yoga for children.
The blog is: Up to date with all the news and offerings from the studio itself along with some valuable and informative articles about Yoga and how to get the best out of your practice.

Phoenix Blackbelt Academy

Type: Martial Arts Centre

What they do: Martial Arts for adults and children. Specifically the type of martial art class offered is Taekwondo. You can read more about it on their website where there is a detailed guide about Taekwondo and its benefits.
The blog is: Focused on helping you to raise healthy, confident children through martial arts. There are many posts on preventing bullying and raising confidence, as well as some diet and nutrition tips.

Physique 57

Type: Fitness Studio

What they do: A unique fitness studio exclusively offering the new Physique 57 workout classes. Using a combination of Barre work, strength, cardio and stretching, this unusual group fitness class is cited to be very effective at firming and shaping your whole body.
The blog is: Visually appealing and jam packed full of useful information for women looking to shape up and lose fat, as well as informative articles on the classes, news and special offers for customers.


Type: Fitness Centre

What they do: Offering a wide range of services including a gym, personal training, nutrition programs, sports massage, online coaching, in home cooking and more. It’s worth a look at their site if only to see the variation of services that they offer!
The blog is: Varied with some interesting articles to help you get fit and healthy. Including an article on ‘travel workouts’ and one on pain management.

Slim Spa

Type: Spa and Beauty Salon

What they do: Combining traditional beauty treatments and massage with treatments and procedures for slimming, inch loss and cellulite reduction.
The blog is: Aimed at women desiring to look their best with plenty of information on slimming, fat loss, cellulite reduction and the techniques available to assist with these.

Symmetry Gym

Type: Gym

What they do: This is a gym which uses the Fission Fusion Training System. They have a team of dedicated Personal Trainers/Coaches who will mentor you to get results by combining the training system along with tailored nutrition advice.
The blog is: Filled with valuable articles on diet and training to educate you for success.

The Body Challenge

Type: Bootcamp classes

What they do: Bootcamp classes on the beach and an 8 week challenge to help you get your best body.
The blog is: Sharing some articles introducing the Founders, Trainers and approach used.

Tribe Fit Socially Active

Type: Gym, Club, Lounge

What they do: They offer fitness is a social setting (which they describe as a ‘funked out space’) including a gym, Personal Training and classes. Their ethos is to encourage social interaction and fun whilst getting fit.
The blog is: Filled with news about the club, classes and events they are running as well as inspiring and value added articles to help you in your quest for fitness.

Urban Yoga

Type: Yoga Studio

What they do: With almost every type of Yoga available that you can think of Urban Yoga has something for every Yogi. Including, but not limited to, Ashtanga Yoga, pre and post natal Yoga and Yoga at different levels with the fundamentals taught in a separate class.
The blog is: As with the brand it is quiet exciting with an urban feel (of course). Bright pictures entice you in to various Yoga related stories and articles combining ancient wisdom with a cutting, modern edge.

Yoga Space

Type: A Yoga Centre

What they do: A really unique Dubai company offering all things Yoga including Yoga classes, corporate Yoga, accredited Yoga training and even couples Yoga! They have an online store as well.
The blog is: Inspiring and up-lifting. With advice and rich articles to help you live the Yogi lifestyle..

Born To Perform

Type: Group of Personal Trainers

What they do: They offer top class Personal Training packages and classes in your home, a local gym or outside
The blog is: Split into two, one part being dedicated to fitness and exercise and the other to diet and nutrition. Lots of advice to help you live a healthy life and improve your fitness.

Kult Fitness

Type: Personal Training Classes at various locations

What they do: They use the FSM System to correct imbalances in your body and the way you move to help you increase your strength, stamina and fitness. They incorporate the use of kettle bells in their group sessions and Personal Training sessions.
The blog is: Choc full of training tips and advice to help you build strength and get the most out of your workouts.


Author: Julie Ritchie
Author Bio: Julie is a Nutrition Souq Fitness Champion Editor. She is a qualified Personal Trainer who spent many years teaching Zumba, Fitness Pilates, Pole Fitness and offering weight loss coaching. She is a fan of the natural approach to fitness and enjoys exercising and eating for pleasure and health.