30 Day Challenge: 50 Chin-ups in a row


Chin Ups are the ultimate separators. Plenty of people will boast to you about their bench press strength but ask them how many chin ups they can pump out and suddenly they go eerily silent. Why? Because they are damn hard to do. Yet, they are also a tremendous upper body movement. Chin Ups are, of course, a fantastic upper back exercise. They are the best exercise you can do to develop the latissimus dorsi muscles – the ones that give a “V” shape to your upper body. Yet the movement actually works your whole body. It will place direct stress upon you abs, lower back, biceps and forearms. This movement is deceptively simple – all it involves is hanging from a bar and pulling your body up so that your chin goes over the bar.

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Optimized Chin Ups Form

The name Chin Up is actually a misnomer – it gives people the idea that they have to get their chin up and over the bar on each rep. This leads them to do all sorts of crazy things to make that happen. They will kick, squirm, kip and crane their neck. You don’t have to do this. Just go as high as you can. You don’t have to get your chin over the bar each time.

You should do your chin ups slowly. The right speed is about 2 seconds up and 2 seconds down. This allows you to work the lats without injury. When you do them too fast, you are likely to start swinging and using momentum to get up. You should also keep your shoulders flexed throughout the chin up movement.

You can perform perfect chin-ups in 3 easy steps . . .

  1. Extend your arms to the bar while retracting and pulling your shoulder down.
  2. Drive your elbows to the ground as you pull up to the bar. In the top position your elbows should be parallel to the line of your upper body.
  3. Return to a full hang with arms fully extended.

Video Tutorial:

5 Tips to Success

  1. Commit publicly: Tell your friends and family that you are on a program that will have you performing 30 chin ups in 4 weeks. Publicly commit. Put it out there!
  2. Observe your rest days: When you do chin ups you create micro tears in the muscle fiber. They need time to heal and regrow. The program relies on a rest day after each workout – make sure you observe it!
  3. Use good form on every rep: Have integrity. Kipping motions and half reps are not chin ups – why cheat yourself?
  4. Do the challenge first thing in the morning if possible: This will prevent your being spasmodic because of having hard day at work.
  5. Don’t be discouraged: Chin Ups are hard work. Work consistently and don’t give up. If you do miss a day, don’t beat yourself up, just jump back in there. Even if it takes you an extra week to knock off the challenge, so what? You still will have accomplished something special.

The Challenge Program

  • You will be training 3 days per week on alternate days – those rest days in between are critical for recovery and repair.
  • You will be doing 5 sets of chin ups each workout,
  • You will be resting exactly 60 seconds between sets 1 and 4
  • Your final set each workout will be a max test – rest 120 seconds before pumping out as many as you possibly can in good form.
  • At the end of week four you will be able to achieve 45 chin ups after having completed 4 previous sets totaling 124 chin ups. You should now take a full days rest before doing your 50 rep challenge.
  • Perform your 50 rep challenge about 90 minutes after eating a protein rich meal. Get yourself in the zone to smash this number that has been looming over you head for the past month. After all, for the last week of the challenge you’ve actually been doing many more than 50 reps in a few minutes each day. All you’re doing is compressing them into one much smaller set. Remember to mentally break your fifty up into smaller mini sets – 5 x 10 works well. Now go for it – get to 30 as quick as you can without sacrificing form (that’s just 6 sets of 5). The next 10 will be all about lat and biceps strength – which you’ve got in spades. The last 10 is simply about guts and pride – you are so close, there’s no way you’re going to stop now.
  • Smash through that fifty barrier – and then do another 4 or 5 for good measure – just because you can!

Another Video Tutorial On how to do Chin-ups:

The Routine

  Week One
Set Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Set One 8 10 11
Set Two 10 12 13
Set Three 10 12 13
Set Four 8 10 11
Set Five Max (goal:15) Max (goal:17) Max (goal:19)


  Week Two
Set Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Set One 14 16 18
Set Two 16 14 20
Set Three 16 14 20
Set Four 14 16 18
Set Five Max (goal:22) Max (goal:25) Max (goal:27)


  Week Three
Set Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Set One 20 22 24
Set Two 22 24 26
Set Three 22 24 26
Set Four 20 22 24
Set Five Max (goal:30) Max (goal:34) Max (goal:36)


  Week Four
Set Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Set One 26 28 30
Set Two 28 30 32
Set Three 28 30 32
Set Four 26 28 30
Set Five Max (goal:38) Max (goal:42) Max (goal:45)



Author: Steve Theunissen
Author Bio: Steve Theunissen is the Nutrition Souq Bodybuilding and Workouts Editor. He is a former gym owner and personal trainer. Steve is the author of 5 hard copy books and dozens of e-books on the subject of fitness, bodybuilding and weight loss.


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