5 Must Follow Personal Trainers on Twitter in 2015

Part 9 of Our Series: Worlds Top 50 Profiles to follow on Social Media to achieve your fitness goals in 2015

To maintain your health and fitness, it is highly important to get updates on new trends and the latest techniques suggested by professional trainers. In our modern tech savvy world, following them is easy, all you need do is fire up Twitter and add these great accounts. We’ve already done the research for you.



Bob Harper is the most-followed Personal Trainer on Twitter. You can get endless, informative fitness updates, especially on becoming slim and active. He is also the author of the book, “Skinny Habits” about the secrets of thin people and staying thin.

Why to Follow Bob Harper?

He shares ‘how-to’ videos, interesting health tips, inspiring images and nutrition plans that will help you improve your fitness and well being. Plus, you can learn how to become slim by adopting the 6 habits of skinny people, an exclusive eBook by the trainer.



Valerie Waters is the creator of Valslide.com. As a celebrity trainer, fitness expert and food coach, Valerie offers a complete set of services to help you stay active and remain healthy all the time.

Why to Follow Valerie Waters?

Valerie’s tweet feeds will help you learn new fitness workouts using Valslide. You can also see through images how others have achieved the perfect body with Valerie Waters assistance.



Karina and Katrina at Tone It Up are destined to help you get a highly attractive figure. They’re not only fitness trainers, but will also prepare diet plans for you according to your body and specific requirements.

Why to Follow Tone It Up?

It’s a community where not only the trainers, but their followers share useful information on food and fitness. You can find multiple 8 week meal plans and inspiring workouts via the Tone It Up website.



If you’re crazy about your fitness, Personal 121 Trainer could be the right choice for you. It offers fitness tips, health advice and nutritional plans via the experts’ tweets. You gain your perfect body in just a few weeks.

Why to Follow Personal 121 Trainer?

It offers thousands of images and videos on fitness; like workouts, diet plans, nutritional facts and information, and motivational quotes to keep you on track 100% of the time. There’s a reason why over a 100k followers wait in anticipation for his tweets every day.



Joshua Lipsey is a former pro-athlete, health expert and fitness trainer who will amaze you with his creative exercises. You can also take advantage of the ‘Gym Tuck’ app created by Joshua.

Why to Follow Joshua Lipsey?

You can watch the latest workout videos, exercise routines, weight-loss plans and much more on this Twitter page. Links to more complete workout videos are also available.


Author: Iftikhar Alam
Author Bio: Iftihkar is a regular blogger on Nutrition Souq and focuses on social fitness and nutrition. His goal is to help spread the word on the best nutrition and fitness professionals across the Internet and connect them with readers on the Nutrition Souq blog.