5 Ways to keep that fitness resolution this year!

1. Keep your goals specific and short-term

It’s the end of December and you’re ready to embrace January with a new positive vibe. You’re going through the New Year issue of some fitness magazine and you come across some hot-shot fitness model. Awesome. That’s what you want to look like! Let’s get moving. You start searching six week Ab workouts and eight week transformation plans hoping to make it to Olympia 2017. Hold up. Just a moment. 

The drive to envision such great progress is always brilliant. Everyone should have a long term destination. However, it’s so easy to get lost in the fitness fray. This year, do things a little differently. Set yourself specific and short-term goals. Whether in the gym, on the track, or in the kitchen; set goals weekly or fortnightly and measure them. Next thing you know, you’ll be heading towards that fitness model look in no time!

2. Plan your workouts. Record everything

The age of the pen and notebook may be over, but you can’t undermine their value in the fitness world. You can go to the gym six times a week, eat healthy around the clock, but without planned workouts; it comes to very little effect. Before the start of your week, make sure you have all your workouts mapped out. When you walk into the gym, you should know what you’re doing. Be specific. Go in, conquer, and get out! 

Planning your workouts makes it easier to record your progress. Any successful gym goer will tell you they put down their results on paper or onto your phone. Either during your rest between sets or at the end of your workout, take a moment to right down the weight, reps, sets you’ve got done today! This will help you accomplish those short term goals, map progress, and make it easy to look back when your max becomes your warmup!

3. Meal prep! Every single week

Most UAE residents turn to take out 5 times a week. That is often five times too many! 70% of your fitness success is based on what you eat and drink. But with a fast lifestyle, if your meals aren’t ready, you’ll be ordering out more. 

Use the weekend to meal prep. Go out and buy your groceries along with a bunch of Tupperware. Have your lunch, snack, and dinner ready for the next five days! Whether you have meetings or are drowning in work, all you have to do is pull your healthy meal out of the fridge and have at it! You’ll probably end up saving money too. Win-win.

4. Change it up. Don’t be boring!

Going to the gym and doing the same routine for months will hurt your results. Your body will adapt to the work you’re putting it through and naturally resist to the change you’re working to bring to it. Every 4-6 weeks, sit down and assess how far you’ve come with your fitness goals. Then take a day to revamp your routine. Swap your days, change up your exercises, and fluctuate your sets and reps! The change will help shock your body and can help break fitness plateaus!

5. Have a support system

No matter how fit, big, or great you get; we all need support. Whether it’s a personal trainer, a family member, or a friend that encourages you. 

There’s no running from it, you’ll have bad fitness days. Some days where you can’t hit your max or you can’t run as far or fall off your diet. Its days like these that make the difference. The distance between your goals being reality is in the days that you feel like you’re failing, but motivate to keep going. Build a support system, take your fitness to the next level!

Dubai’s Very Own solution

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Author: Musad Afzal - Strategist For Ask For Life
Author Bio: Ask for Life helps you to change your life to the way you want, helps you to become who you want to be. Ask for Life and its team of coaches guides you through your life to achieve the happiness, success and goals you wish to.