5 ways to live a happier, healthier life in the UAE

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According to a recent report published by the BBC, the UAE is among the top ten best places for Expats to live. With an average yearly income of $124,266 along with lucrative additional benefits, the country is an attractive place for Expats looking for a better lifestyle and more money. The UAE has attracted millions of Expats in the last few decades, but many have complained about harsh hot weather, health problems and difficulty in adjusting in their new environment.

Here are 5 simple ways that we can live a happier,healthier life in the UAE.


For most Expats, the UAE is a warmer place than their country of origin. In summer, heat related illnesses become common as many people fail to counter the heat effectively. Fortunately, the counter measure is just using your common sense. Stay in shade, drink a lot of water, don’t exhaust yourself, delay physical exercise until late evenings and drink plenty of fluids.

Put simply, for a happier, healthier lifestyle in UAE we need to learn how to beat the heat, especially in summer.


For a healthy lifestyle, you need to spend some time taking care of yourself. For example, a visit to the spa once in a while is a good habit to keep relaxed and calm. Another good practice is to use a high quality sunscreen (SPF 30+), especially if you are working outdoors. The sun in the UAE can severely damage your skin and skin tone if left unprotected.


Lucrative health insurance offered by employers in the UAE is one of the major attractions for Expats. Make sure you are offered personal insurance under the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) which allows you to see a specialist without the recommendation of a physician. Read the detailed perks with your health insurance and make sure to utilize them in time. Visit the doctor frequently for regular check-ups.


In the UAE, you can find some world class fully air conditioned gyms which are second to none in terms of equipment, features and trainers. Become a member of one of these gyms and visit regularly. Even if you are not in the UAE, exercise is one of the most important factors in keeping a healthy lifestyle. The good thing is, the UAE offers you the best possible indoor gyms to facilitate you with your exercise for very affordable rates, there really is something for every budget. So why not take advantage?


Having the right nutrition cannot be underestimated, especially in harsh climates such as the UAE. Drinking a lot of fluids (mainly water) along with eating healthily should become a habit. In such hot climates a minimum of 3 litres is recommended. Avoid eating out every night of the week and if you are going to eat take away, make it healthy. Check out the list of some of the best UAE restaurants from where you can order healthier food. The Dubai (or UAE) stone has been dubbed as a term for the body weight many Expats put on while residing here. Buck that trend and use the UAE as an opportunity to become SUPER FIT!


Author: Iftikhar Alam
Author Bio: Iftihkar is a regular blogger on Nutrition Souq and focuses on social fitness and nutrition. His goal is to help spread the word on the best nutrition and fitness professionals across the Internet and connect them with readers on the Nutrition Souq blog.