5 Workout Blogs to Get Shredded in 2015

Part 11 of Our Series: Worlds Top 50 Profiles to follow on Social Media to achieve your fitness goals in 2015

For following an effective workout routine, motivation is key. This is exactly what these workout blogs do, they motivate you and ensure you stay on track. Not only do they provide readers with critical information in the form of workout plans, but they also act as an inspiration to achieve your shredding goals in 2015.

Owned by Neila Rey and her team, DAREBEE is probably the most aesthetic online blog related to fitness and workouts. The attractive theme with a simple but impressive combination of colors can make you fall in love with this blog. The high quality content, interface and workout programs make it one of the best online sources for workouts and training programs. Owner Neila Rey is also very popular on social media platforms. Each workout program is thoroughly tested by 100 volunteers before going live on the blog.

Why to Follow Darebee?

Why not to? This blog covers everything on workouts, fitness and nutrition. You get access to a fantastic exercise library and very nicely illustrated training plans. The instructional images are of a superb quality with easy to understand directions. This blog also contains a plethora of high quality motivational images.

Twitter Handle: @darebees

The fitness and workout blog, Roman Fitness Systems is owned by John Romaniello who created the website 6 years ago. John also owns his own personal training company offering custom workouts and training for individuals. The blog has now evolved into one of the most comprehensive and resourceful workout training resources on the web. The articles posted by John are truly in depth and provide great insight showing he is a true subject matter expert.

Why to Follow Roman Fitness Systems?

For those who seek custom tailored workout training programs, this blog is exactly what you need. John is also very active on social media platforms with a loyal following. He is followed by almost 63 thousand fans on Twitter alone.

Twitter Handle: @JohnRomaniello

Winner of the Top 10 fitness blogs of the year 2015 by Breakingmuscle.com, Dai Manuel’s blog is a complete package when it comes to fitness and workouts. The blog is owned by Canada based Dai, owner of Fitness Town Inc. Other than the 99 workout guides featured on his blog, visitors can read about anything related to fitness and nutrition.

Why to Follow Dai Manuel?

This blog is a great resource for fitness enthusiasts who seek workout training programs along with an expert’s opinion on topics like nutrition, fitness and active lifestyle. Followed by more than 55k fans on twitter, Dai Manuel is also very popular on social media.

Twitter Handle: @daimanuel

Not only is Mobility WOD a great resource for workout training programs and fitness information, but it also provides useful information that can help prevent injury. The advice provided is directed towards anyone who trains with weights. Even though, a lot of content and videos are free to use, a monthly subscription model gives you access to bigger chunk of in depth content.

Why to Follow Mobility WOD?

This online workout and fitness resource is a must follow for people who believe in safety first, are professional coaches, or who are recovering from injury. It focuses on providing high quality information about safety and recovery for all.

Subscribe to Tony Gentilcore’s blog to receive weekly high quality content related to workouts and fitness. The blog features detailed articles related to workouts and also provides complete guidance on the benefits associated with each workout program. The blog is owned by a co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance who is also professional weight lifter.

Why to Follow Tony Gentilcore?

With regular updates, this blog is a great resource for people looking for only a singe source of continuous information related to health and fitness. It covers everything related to workouts and fitness, and you probably won’t need any other workout blog. This blog is great if you are short on time and want the best information all in one place.

Twitter Handle: @tonygentilcore1


Author: Iftikhar Alam
Author Bio: Iftihkar is a regular blogger on Nutrition Souq and focuses on social fitness and nutrition. His goal is to help spread the word on the best nutrition and fitness professionals across the Internet and connect them with readers on the Nutrition Souq blog.


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