"A Guide To Stress Management And Relief’’

Stressed out? Manage your stress and find relief with these 7 easy stress relief tips

For many of us, getting psyched up for a workout is a lot easier than learning to relax afterwards. Here are some active steps you can take post-workout to help you relax and allow for recovery.

  1. After you’ve completed your workout and stretch, lie on the mat for another 2 minutes with your eyes closed. Concentrate on relaxing all your muscles and focusing on your breathing. Take slow deep breaths filling your lungs and exhaling fully. Feel your body relax. Inhale the relaxation, exhale the tension.
  2. When you get home take a leisurely, warm bath to help you and your muscles relax. Don’t rush, just let your body calm down and your pulse rate gradually normalize.
  3. Spend 5 minutes a day either before work, in the car, or before bed to just sit and meditate. Focus on your breathing and relaxing all your muscles. Try to think of nothing except a happy place. Something peaceful like a lake, mountains or the beach. Focus on slowing your pulse and taking full breaths. Guided audio meditation is also a fantastic tool to help you relax. These can be found in many resources on the internet such as www.YouTube.com and www.Soundcloud.com.
  4. Sip on a relaxing herbal tea like Chamomile which has a soothing, mellowing effect on the nervous system. Sip your tea slowly and enjoy the feeling of inner peace as your unwind. This is perfect before bed time to get a full nights sleep.
  5. Post-workout enjoy the refreshing, euphoric alertness of increased endorphins. Just take it easy so that you can enjoy the healthful feelings that your workout has just produced.
  6. Try the Body-Mindful Meditation, which involves lying down comfortably and breathing deeply. You then begin to focus on sequentially relaxing the muscles of each part of your body from head to toe. Visualize each muscle relaxing and your body sinking into the bed. Do this for around 5 minutes.
  7. There is of course no better recovery than a deep, peaceful, restful sleep. For a peaceful sleep, make sure you keep your work outside your bedroom and try not to procrastinate before bedtime. Do not drink any caffeinated beverages before bed, but instead sip on a soothing tea. Give yourself at least 30 minutes before bed with no TV’s, mobile phones, social media etc. These only serve to heighten our stress levels and detract from a deep relaxing sleep.


Author: Claire Trojkovic
Author Bio: Claire is a personal trainer from Australia and one of the top Nutrition Souq editors. She’s a fitness and travel expert with a degree in Literature and a Certificate 4 in Fitness and Nutrition. Her particular interests are yoga, bodybuilding, diets, weight loss, herbal remedies and travel. She also manages and writes on her own blog and has written guest articles for various online fitness publications.