Act Now, Enhance Your Life… Transform into a New You!


In 2009, Mohamad moved to Dubai, and he was only 18 year’s old living on his own. With little knowledge of fitness and health at the time and the added stress of being alone, he fueled his body with junk food and fast-food for the short-term. As we all know, that can be detrimental to your health, and well, it sure was for Mohamad! In only 2 years’ time, he went from 78kg to 125kg all because of his new unhealthy lifestyle. Sure, it may feel great to crush a hamburger and fries, but after some time it will catch up to you if you’re not careful and aware of what you’re doing to your health. Simply, Mohamad fell into the vicious junk-food lifestyle trap and it sure caught up to him.

During one of his university summer holidays, that’s when it all clicked and he decided to make a change. It was time to ditch the XL T-shirts and live a healthier life! Although he had only 2 months as part of his summer holiday, it was enough time to make quite a transformation. Even with some critics saying he wouldn’t last, he proved them wrong in such a short timeframe. With anything in life, it is always the ‘sticking to the plan’ portion after 3 weeks that is the most challenging; however, after then a positive habit is formed and it just gets better and better.

For Mohamad, his first week was his toughest to get things going. From dripping sweat and ditching the junk-food that he has become addicted to, it was tough! When he noticed that he had lost just over 5kg in just the first few weeks, he was hooked and focused on making a difference in his life! It was during that time that he took charge, and he finished his school break weighing 97kg!

When he returned to Dubai from his summer holiday, he set a plan and he stuck to it! He continued to train hard, eat healthy, and was constantly reading and learning about anything fitness related. Today, he is a hard and lean 87kg and you can see he has made quite the transformation from his pictures. Mohamad is new and improved now, and he is so passionate about his journey from being obese to being super-fit that he has become a Certified Gym Instructor. He loves helping others that were in a similar situation as him before and taking them through the transformation process.

To Mohamad,
“being fit and eating right, feels so great; it gives you more confidence and it will improve your life significantly.”

So, if you haven’t started on your path to being healthy, you should do it now! Stay tuned, as Mohamad will elaborate on his journey to being fit and his secrets of reaching success, plus more!


Author: Mohamad Ali Al Ali
Author Bio: Mohamad is 24 years old and he is a social media specialist, and a certified CYQ Level 2 Gym Instructor. He has been living in Dubai for the past 6 years. Mohamad is passionate about fitness, outdoor activities, and absolutely loves lifting the iron! His main motto is “if you are good at something then you will talk about it, while if you are great at something, others will talk about it.”