Featured Dubai Fitness Company: AgainstGraviTi


COMPANY NAME: AgainstGraviTi (AG)


What problem is AgainstGraviTi trying to solve?

AgainstGraviTi believes that there are skills we lose if we do not use them. Remember during your childhood when you were at one with your body. Think about when you were little and used to crawl; invert; swing; leap; tumble; roll; flip; push; pull and throw. What happened to those skills? AG wants to solve the problem of inactivity and help people regain the movement patterns that the human body is designed to perform. Our goal is to help people achieve freedom of movement through using only their own bodyweight.

How does AG help improve the health of people in the UAE?

AG has established its very own plAyGround which is designed for a variety of group classes. We have portable solutions which allow for community workshops, events and other ‘plAyGround’ locations throughout the UAE. AG organized the very first World Cup Stage and National Championship in the region. This has provided a platform for many street athletes to take their sport to a competitive level. Many have gone so far as to install portable solutions in their own backyard and it is expected that many more athletes and competitive events are to come. Take a look at the Streetworkout Championship:

Recently AG moved their ‘Playground’ to Dubai Sports World along with Streetworkout, Parkour and yoGA classes. Obstacle Course Racers are able to train using quality obstacles, and soon AG will introduce ‘ninGA Obstacles’ for ‘Ninja Warrior’ athlete enthusiasts.

What is special about calisthenics, ninja, parkour, and streetworkouts? And what sets them apart from gym or crossfit workouts?

Every one of these workouts has its place in the world of physical and mental training. They help us to reach our goals and discover (or re-discover) movement patterns. What makes AG special is that all our training is performed solely by using bodyweight. This approach to exercising allows the body and mind to become better connected and more in sync. It deepens ones bodily awareness and develops us on a personal level. This is not only beneficial – it’s simply “fun”-damental. Through AG, individuals learn how to move their body through all planes and around all objects. The focus is not on appearance or aesthetics, but rather on fun-ctionality. Once you have built a strong foundation – everything else you do will always be better.

Do you hold events?

In-house events include the ‘World Cup Stage of Dubai’, ‘World Pull-Up Day’, and a variety of other competitions and events. Our next goal is ‘GLOCAL’ which is a social movement called “World Pull-up Day” to be held on 12th September 2015.

Do you have any partners or sponsors?

AG thanks ‘Dubai Sports Council’ for supporting its efforts both locally and globally. We also extend a thank you to our ‘plAyGround’ development partners ‘Ithara Group’ (locally) and ‘Kenguru Pro’ (globally).

What makes AG special and different from the rest?

Gravity is a free resource and AG works to install the knowledge as well as the mindset to go AGainst it. We work to empower individuals with this life skill so that they are equipped to move anywhere, in any way at any time they choose. Our goals include empowering people for a lifetime of movement. We provide more than a gym, instead of just “training” individuals, we teach them how to “play” in a specially equipped plAyGround which is loaded with obstacles.

When and why was AG created?

AG is a relatively new concept that was created to promote human movement. It was officially established in May of 2014. At that time, a streetworkout team was created to support and promote the sport throughout the region. As the sport continued to grow, it became supported by the World Streetworkout and Calisthenics Federation. In just a year the sport has grown to include Parkour, yoGA, Obstacle Course Racers, and ninGA warrior athletes.

What is the future of AG and the grand vision?

AG is currently focused on building the community and offering plAyGround to practitioners and athletes who are pursuing Streetworkout, Parkour, yoGA, Obstacle Course Racing, and ninGA warrior training. The goal is to make Dubai the premier destination for athletes and events. AG also want to equip more people to get out into the open and get more active, breathe, be human and be socially responsible.

What are the main activities run by AG?

AG is in the business of getting humans to move more, move better and grow stronger. We accomplish this by educating, inspiring, holding events and providing well-constructed “plAyGround” that are fit for purpose. The tools to achieve these goals include ideas taken from the various disciplines of calisthenics, streetworkouts, parkour, yoGA and obstacle courses.

Who are the trainers or coaches?

Hesham Kamel is an ISSA certified trainer. He is creative, and highly experienced. He has more than 8 years of professional experience in coaching a variety of athletes. This includes parkour, calisthenics and street workouts. He is the first athlete to represent the UAE in Moscow at the 2014 Streetworkout World Championships. He began his professional journey just under a decade ago with a background in Muay Thai and gymnastics. He is presently the co-founder of AgaisntGraviTi and is the lead coach, performer and stuntman. He is in the process of releasing certification in order to add more qualified trainers to AG.

What types of classes does AG run?

There are three class options at AG: Open plAyGround, group exercise or private exercise. ‘Open plAyGround’ tests the endurance of individuals who play on the obstacles. ‘Streetworkouts’ are instructor led group classes focusing on developing strength and conditioning. ‘Parkour for Flow’ is also an instructor led group class which teaches basic to advanced parkour movements, and also includes proper landing techniques as well as critical safety information. Group sessions last 45 minutes and are held daily from 10:00 to 22:00.


Author: Mary Olinger
Author Bio: Mary Olinger is a Fitness & Workout Nutrition Editor at Nutrition Souq. She is a marathoner who trains year round. She holds a Master’s Degree in Health Education. Her expertise is in the field of fitness, diet, weight loss and nutrition. She is an international educator who enjoys writing to helping people make healthier life choices.