Cycling Clubs to Join In Dubai

The what, where, when and who to join......

Cycling has seen an explosion in popularity over the last few years with thousands taking to the roads, to get fit and emulate their sporting heroes. Whether it’s pure cycling your after or triathlon/duathlon training, these Dubai based cycling groups are friendly, welcoming, supportive and most of all, AWESOME!



The Roadsters have long been a dedicated cycling group in Dubai. They are a community of cyclists who enjoy leisure and recreational riding with the odd racing snake amongst them, who enjoy the odd race or two. They are welcoming and professional and throughout the winter organise group rides for all abilities. If you are a beginner you will find all the help you need in this community and can build up your confidence and endurance to go on the more challenging rides out to Hatta covering distances up to 100km.

Dues for the club are 200AED per year payable at Wolfi’s bike shop on the Sheikh Zayed, and that money ensures you are kept safe with dedicated safety cars on the road when you head out on group rides.



Not so much a club, but a bike shop who organise some great rides. Based out of Motor City Revolution Cycles sell all the gear any aspiring or seasoned cyclist could possibly want or need. They organise weekly rides at the Motor City autrodrome which is an experience which shouldn’t be missed. The autodrome gives you absolute freedom in an extremely safe environment and it really is a cycling sensation. It might seem a little intimidating at first with some top end riders screaming around the track, but it really is safe. This is one of the best cycling experiences and training grounds Dubai has to offer and best of all it’s 100% FREE!



The Cycle Hub is another Motor City cyclist hot spot. It’s a cafe come bike shop where you can get your hands on some stunning bikes and clean eats. The guys and girls in the shop are super friendly and they welcome new comers to their sport. They organise rides all of the time which usually coincide with events happening at that time, think Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, Spinney’s cycling Challenge. It’s best to either visit them to ask about their rides or check back at their website and Facebook page regularly. Go for a ride with these guys and fuel up after with some awesome Paleo food at their cafe. It’s cycling heaven!


EMIRATES ROAD CYCLING CLUB (Emirates Group Employees only)

This club is all about getting people involved, no matter what their standard and promote the sport of cycling across the UAE. When started it was as much about the Emirates brand as it was about cycling, but this community really is all about hitting the road. Sign Ups get you a bunch of high quality free kit so you can feel like one of the team and avoid those awkward clique moments that tend to happen in the world of cycling.

Check ride locations on the Emirates Road Cycling Club Facebook Page/Website


Cycle safe Dubai was started with the mission of getting those enthusiastic about cycling together. Cycling in Dubai can be a dangerous thing if not done properly, cycling alone even more so. Cycle Safe Dubai ensures a friendly and safe environment to enjoy your sport. They are really active with weekly rides all geared towards the improvement of their cyclists. To be a member and join in on the rides you will need to shell out AED500 per year but get to benefit from the clubs expertly organised rides, discount at selected bike shops and a free Cycle Safe Dubai cycling kit to name a few.

Check ride locations on the Cycle Safe Dubai Facebook Page/Website



These ladies ride because of the LOVE. Velo Vixens started out in 2013 as a small group and has grown substantially over the last few years. Being solely for women, this group can be less intimidating for female riders who want to get involved. The Vixens are all about striving to improve, explore and push themselves as cyclists and as women. The group is home to women from all walks of life and one thing is for sure you will be welcomed with open arms. You will be sure to find a support network in the Vixens and a group of riders who really enjoy getting fit in the great outdoors

Check ride locations on the Vixens Facebook Page


The Liv cycling brand, is a brand for women only. After such popular demand in the region the store started it’s women only group rides to accommodate female cyclists. Liv hold events rather than weekly/monthly rides so you will need to stay tuned to their Facebook page and website to find out when their rides are.




  • Always wear a helmet, it keeps your noggin safe and protects you from the sun
  • Never cycle on major roads. It super dangerous and against the law
  • Use front and rear lights if cycling at night (even in the day this is a good idea)
  • Get your bike checked and serviced by a professional on a regular basis
  • Always abide by the rules of the road
  • Cycle in groups where possible. BE SEEN


Author: Alex Pascoe
Author Bio: Alex is the head of operations and head trainer of Nutrition Souq ( He is a certified personal trainer, self confessed fitness nut and entrepreneur, and is on a mission to make the UAE fitter, healthier and happier