Review Of UAE Dinner Box Delivery Company Dinner Time

Everything you need to cook a healthy home cooked meal, delivered to your door!

Dinner Time is a UAE based company that delivers boxes of fresh ingredients to your door along with recipes so you can cook delicious, healthy, home cooked meals.

In recent articles we’ve focused a lot on the convenience of home delivered meal subscription plans. But if you have family to feed or you want that healthy home cooked taste, then you can’t go paste a company like Dinner Time. Dinner Time provides similar conveniences to conventional meal delivery plans – like the convenience of skipping the super market, having healthy food delivered to your door and knowing your getting top quality ingredients.

What makes Dinner Time Different to Other Food Delivery Companies?
Dinner Time has some key differences to the standard meal delivery companies. For a start, you don’t get pre-cooked meals… You get fresh ingredients. It’s great value for money at only AED 30 per person, where other services can cost up to AED 100 per person. Then there’s the fact they cater to different diets including Paleo, Gluten Free and Vegetarian boxes. The final difference is that the meals are designed to serve more than one person without tons of rubbish.

Fresh Ingredients
The first thing you’ll notice when you get your Dinner Time delivery is the freshness of the ingredients. The vegetables are usually organic and are so much more colorful than those you’ll find at the supermarket. The meat is also sourced from organic sources and everything is high quality.

Great Recipes
Of course the ingredients are only half the story of Dinner Time. Prepared by award winning chefs that also specialize in paleo and vegetarian cuisine, the weekly recipes are often original and super tasty. Our favorites so far were the lemon and olive baked fish and nachos with sweet potato! Yum!

We got the chance to sit with Dinner Time Founder Anette Lind to ask her a few questions about Dinner Time and what their doing to make the UAE a healthier place to live.

Company Website:

Company Phone Contact:

055-790 87 33

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Special Offers:

1 box for free (value up to AED550). Phone and say you are a Nutrition Souq Reader!


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General Questions:

What does your company/service do?

"We deliver ingredients and recipes for you to cook at home. Well balanced, healthy meals with easy to follow recipes that takes around 30 mins to cook."

Who is the service for/aimed at?

"For everyone living in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Everyone has to eat! Our main audience are families with kids, couples and singles."

What would you tell someone who has never used your company/service before?

"That our concept is a lifesaver. We take care of the meal planning and grocery shopping – all you have to do is cook. Easy healthy home cooked meals in 30 min. Save money and time – get new inspiration delivered to your doorstep every Sunday!"

Company/Service Specific Questions:

What makes your company/service special?

"We deliver recipes and all the fresh ingredients you need to cook 4 dinners. Easy to follow recipes that takes around 30 min to prepare. Local and organic produce as much as possible."

What does your company/service offer that no other does?

"We have 5 different products; Standard, Gluten Free, Paleo, Vegetarian and Quick & Easy box. Our 5 chefs in the team also make sure to deliver inspiration and a well-balanced menu every week."

How long has your company/service been in operation?

"We've be operating for Since 2011."

How will your company/service continue to benefit the healthy eating industry in the future?

"We'll Continue to deliver inspiration, high quality ingredients and a well-balanced menu with as much local and organic produce as possible. We'll also be bringing out new boxes based on the demands for different diets - we recently added the vegetarian box and it's been a great success."


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