Do You Need a Personal Trainer?

Finding the Right Match for you

You want to be in shape. Your mind tells you exercise is a great idea, but your body may not be on the same page. Whether you’re too busy or too tired, there always seems to be a reason fitness and exercise take a back seat in your life. The good news is, sticking with an exercise plan and getting in shape needn’t be so challenging. Hiring a personal trainer may be a great way to put you on the road to fitness success.


You might be considering hiring a personal trainer, but how do you know you really need one? After all, a trainer may not be the best way to go for everyone. The following signs could be a good indication that a personal trainer may be your best bet towards achieving your fitness goals.

  1. 1. You have a million excuses why you don’t exercise

    Not everyone enjoys working out. You may even have a few excuses for not exercising that seem legitimate. The right trainer can help you get motivated and develop a specific program that you can stick with and may even enjoy.

  2. 2. You want to fit into your wedding dress or look hot in your bikini

    Let’s face it, not everyone starts an exercise program to improve their overall well-being. Sometimes you have a specific goal in mind, and that’s fine. A trainer can help you define your goals and reach them.

  3. 3. Bicep curls and a tricep dips aren’t even in your vocabulary

    If you’re a rookie when it comes to exercise, a trainer can be invaluable. Don’t worry if you don’t know your bench press from your chest fly, a trainer can be a great source of education for all things fitness.


Whether you’re new to exercise, trying to get back in shape, or want to take your fitness to the next level, a trainer can be very beneficial.

Consider some of these additional benefits of hiring a personal trainer:

  1. You’ll learn proper technique and reduce your risk of injury
  2. A trainer will hold you accountable and help you stick with a program
  3. You will get individualized workouts
  4. A good trainer can provide motivation and encouragement
  5. Personal trainers can provide sport-specific workout plans to help you prepare for competition


There is more to being a trainer than looking buff. Keep in mind, not all personal trainers are equally qualified. If you’re planning to hire a personal trainer, there are certain things to consider.

  1. 1. Consider certification

    Look for a trainer who is a member of the Register Of Exercise Professionals (REPS) and a minimum of a level 3 certified personal trainer. Although certification does not tell the entire story, it at least shows that the trainer meets the minimum requirement for their profession and that REPS has certified their qualification as legitimate.

  2. 2. Look for additional qualifications

    Additional qualifications to look for in a trainer include a degree in exercise science or nutrition. Also, ask if the trainer is qualified in activity first aid and CPR. Although you don’t plan to collapse while you workout, most gyms require trainers to be CPR certified. If your trainer is not, it raises a red flag on how much they care about client safety.

  3. 3. Experience

    Although a trainer does not have to have years of experience, look for one that has done at least a little bit of training. A brand new trainer may still be good if they have personal experience with exercise and fitness.


There are lots of great trainers out there, but not every trainers style and personality is a good match for every client. Before you take the plunge and hire a personal trainer, it’s a good idea to find one that you’ll enjoy working with. Consider the following:

  1. 1. Cost

    Costs may vary based on several factors, such as qualifications and experience. Consider your budget and look for a trainer you can afford. If you get in over your head financially, you will not stick it out.

  2. 2. Services

    What do you prefer, private in-home training, group training or working with a personal trainer at the gym? Not all trainers offer all types of services. Make sure the trainer you hire offers the services you want.

  3. 3. Personality

    A personal trainer doesn’t have to be your best buddy, but he/she should have a personality you are comfortable with. If you need to be pushed, find a trainer who practices tough love and will give you the nudge you need to get moving and get in shape!

  4. 4. Specialism

    Not all personal trainers are made equal. Match yourself with a trainer who specialises in the fitness goals you want to achieve. This way your trainer will have heaps of experience and history in helping others achieve similar goals, thus maximising your chances of success.


Author: MaryAnn DePietro
Author Bio: A health and fitness writer with 13 years’ experience, MaryAnn has been extensively published in magazines, newspapers and websites. Her work has appeared on websites, such as Healthline, Symptom Find, Livestrong and Modern Moms. MaryAnn earned degrees in both respiratory therapy at American River College in Sacramento and rehabilitation education at Penn State University. MaryAnn lives in northern California where she trains for 10K marathons, plays golf and hangs out with her husband and son.