Basics to Balancing Your Work/Life Relationship


Is your life well balanced? A little bit of fitness, a little bit of socializing, a little bit of work, a little bit of me-time.

Sometimes life leads us into situations where we don’t have time to place more importance on the things that we enjoy or would like to do more of. These situations can also cause us to forget what’s the most important thing in life is and that is our health. Without health we can’t live our lives to their full potential. So I encourage you to stop, step back and think about how you can create a happy work life balance.

Step 1: Acknowledging Your Married to Your Job

The first step to a better work life balance is acknowledging that your life revolves around your job. The major indicator of this is stress. Stress isn’t something that is just confined to the workplace. It is something that is taken home with you and can affect your health through both the mind and body. Stress means that work is overtaking you, affecting your life, affecting your home-life and reducing your quality of life. Stress is known to cause to many illness and deceases like high blood pressure, heart problems and weight gain. If this sounds like you, then you need to take action now and form a stress management plan.


Step 2: Understanding Life Management

While you are working, your personal life and career will always be battling, so incorporate some of these ideas to help balance out your life.


  • Leave your work at work: Don’t take work home with you. Leave any notes, workbooks, laptops or files at work where they belong. If something is urgent do it during your lunch break, but don’t bring it home with you. Set up the boundaries and don’t cross them. A great App to help you stay in control is Self-Control which turns your internet, emails, and calendar off when you set it.

  • Manage your time well: Keep a diary and follow it. Set a time for people, hobbies, fitness and work. Make sure you don’t breach the schedule but stick to it. This is the only way you will be able to fit in everything that needs to be done. A great App that can help your time management is iPlanSuccess.

  • Exercise at the same time each day: Schedule a time each day to workout, like before work and stick to it. This way you always know what time is exercise time and you will always have time for it. The best time to work out is before work so that you start your morning with a burn of energy and it won’t interfere with any after work commitments to family or friends.

  • Learn to say no and when to ask for help: If someone at work is asking you to do extra work, sometimes you need to say no. Once you stop saying yes to all this extra work you will have more time to do other things. You also need to learn to ask for help. Most workplaces are understanding, so don’t be afraid to ask for time off, less work or extra help.


Author: Claire Trojkovic
Author Bio: Claire is a personal trainer from Australia and one of the top Nutrition Souq editors. She’s a fitness and travel expert with a degree in Literature and a Certificate 4 in Fitness and Nutrition. Her particular interests are yoga, bodybuilding, diets, weight loss, herbal remedies and travel. She also manages and writes on her own blog and has written guest articles for various online fitness publications.