Getting Fit in Dubai Is Easier Than You Think

A Personal Journey - With Fiona

"Taking that first step, getting up off your behind. That is always the hardest! Doing something about your weight is never easy, but once you make that choice, once you commit, you will feel so much better, and you will feel really proud of yourself. I’m Fiona, let me tell you a little bit about my fitness journey and how I started. With a little encouragement, you can achieve anything you want!"


"Let me tell you a little bit about how I started, the first thing I did that gave me that little boost to get-up and get moving. It’s about routine. You may think it’s just a myth, but I truly believe that this little trick works and it gave me the energy to move forward. Not only does it help with that little boost, but I found it staved off my hunger and helped support my weight loss efforts. I also find it really helpful in flushing out the toxins (which you probably don’t even want to know about). So what is it? Every morning the first thing I do when I wake up (yes, before even brushing my teeth) is drink a glass of room temperature water with just a squeeze or a slice of lemon in it (depending on how much lemon you like). Easy huh? In fact it’s really yummy and refreshing and so, so simple. You can even leave the water on your bedside with the lemon steeping over night. Now you have no excuses. Try it, you won’t be disappointed. Even if it’s only the first step you take towards reaching your goal."

"This leads me to the second most important part, ‘your goal’".

It’s so important to set goals for yourself. Without them what is the end game? Is it just muscular arms you want? Or loosing 5kg? This really is the key to achieving your target and helps you stay focussed every step of the way. Honestly, I’m not just regurgitating popular information , but speaking from experience. Setting a goal was what helped me visualise myself in the future, how I would look, how I would feel, and that gave me the motivation I needed to take things seriously! I now do this for every aspect of my life, not only fitness. I am now way more driven in my personal life and my career life. But, always remember - Be realistic about it (we all want to ‘get rich or die tryin’ and look like Heidi Klum but.......)

"Another significant thing to remember is Time. Yes, “Miracles can happen, when you believe” BUT we don’t all end up looking like a bikini fitness model overnight. Everything takes its sweet time, so enjoy the journey. It’s a lifestlye change we are after, not a quick fix. But, speaking of time, it’s important to start setting some aside (for yourself) so you can reach your goal. I know, we’re all very busy with work, and all we want to do when we finish is relax on the couch or perhaps go for some refreshing ‘’drinkies’’ after clocking off time. BUT, don’t make those lame excuses, You owe it to yourself to commit to at least 10 – 15 minutes a day of exercise. Whether you’re a parent or young and single, 15 minutes of your day is a start and you can build on that. ROME wasn’t built in a day and neither will your body be, but with some small steps you can start making a huge difference."

"Living in Dubai definitely has its advantages. With beautiful sceneries and skylines, stunning beaches and beautiful walks, it’s a haven for getting out and about. It really does make it that little bit easier. It can also be quite the social event to bring some friends along. You’ll be surprised you might just make some friends along the way if you decide to join some local groups."

"So take these following steps to start your fitness journey and I will continue to share my little secrets to help you along the way."

1. Wake up and drink a glass of lemon steeped water
2. Set yourself a GOAL - Without it you are lost
3. Set aside some time for exercise - A minimum of 10-15 minutes per day
4. Enjoy the journey!

"In my next article, I will tell you where my favourite places are to take ‘long walks in Dubai’, and will share with you some more neat little steps I took toward getting fit and healthy in sunny Dubai."

"Until then, mae alssalama"




Author: Fiona R
Author Bio: Hi, I’m Fiona a real Dubai lovin fitness enthusiast! I’ve been living in Dubai for 11 months and think it’s the perfect place to get fit and stay in shape. There are always fun things to do here and delicious healthy food to eat. Like many, I like to look good and feel good and that’s why I make healthy lifestyle choices and encourage other to do the same. My interests include Fitness, Football, Modelling and Fire Breathing (I’m a bit of a dare devil at times). Join me on my Dubai Fitness journey. I promise you won’t be disappointed.