Getting Fit in Dubai Is Easier Than You Think - Part 2

Top exercise spots for beginners

Hi everyone, for those of you who read my last article. I hope you enjoyed it and more importantly tried my tips. I would love to hear your feedback.

Now, with it being the holidays, I'm sure you're a bit worried about putting on a few kgs especially with all the delicious and tempting foods. But, speaking from experience it doesn't have to be that way. I love to stay active during the festive season here in Dubai and take advantage of the quieter times when many go home.

Let me tell you about a few places I love taking long walks with the sound of music or waves in my ears. By setting a walking routine for yourself and dedicating that little bit of time every day to getting fit you can be up and running in no time and will have a new lease of life. Everything takes it time, so ease your self into fitness and enjoy it.



I find it quite enjoyable around the lakes of the Greens. They have now built outside gym equipment, so this will definitely motivate you to eventually start exercising with equipment. The beautiful view, feel good scenery and environment is definitely good for motivation. The ground also has markings every 100km so it's easy to track how many km you have walked or even jogged. In the evenings it's really enjoyable and you will find a lot of people jogging or walking around with a fitness buddy so it can be quite a sociable place. It's also perfect for families and walking with children and dogs.


Another one of my favorite places to walk, train and get fit is JBR beach. Especially in the evenings. Nothing beats walking or jogging on the beach. For me it's definitely more enjoyable than running or walking on a treadmill, even if you cover less distance. Walking on the sand is really beneficial and works muscles you never knew you had.

I'm sure most of you reading this will think 10 minutes walking on the beach will never beat running on a treadmill for 30-40 minutes! But if you try it, I am sure you will agree that it's not as easy as it looks.

The more you get into a routine of fitness you can also start using the outside gym equipment that JBR has on ''The Walk''.


Dubai Marina Promenade is a wonderful place to walk. It's super pedestrian friendly and the entire loop covers nearly 10km. There is something special about being surrounded by the beautiful architecture of the surrounding buildings and the odd boat passing by in the Marina. The lights of the buildings are mesmerising and when your here it doesn't even feel as though your're exercising.


Before you head of on your walk make sure you create or find a good playlist to listen to. If you're going to start off with brisk walking I recommend a playlist of your favourite songs of all genres. However, if you're at that stage of being able to jog it's important to get music ready that is upbeat and makes you want to move. There is nothing worse that starting of jogging and having to stop to change songs because the tempo is all off. Some great playlists can be found online in places like or online music streaming applications.

If you read my first article then you know some simple first steps to start you on your fitness journey fitness routine and now know some of the fitness hotspots that will make it fun for you at the same time.

Next time I share with you some of my nutritional tips for staying in tip top shape this 2016 where you can find out more about stepping up your game, with diet, supplements and more.

Until next time!



Author: Fiona R
Author Bio: Hi, I’m Fiona a real Dubai lovin fitness enthusiast! I’ve been living in Dubai for 11 months and think it’s the perfect place to get fit and stay in shape. There are always fun things to do here and delicious healthy food to eat. Like many, I like to look good and feel good and that’s why I make healthy lifestyle choices and encourage other to do the same. My interests include Fitness, Football, Modelling and Fire Breathing (I’m a bit of a dare devil at times). Join me on my Dubai Fitness journey. I promise you won’t be disappointed.