GMC Desert Warrior Challenge


Desert Warrior Challenge is a fun and challenging obstacle course race designed to test physical strength, mental toughness, team-work and overall fitness of each and every warrior.


Dubai Police Training Academy, Al Rawia


Friday 23rd October 2015, 7:00am


AED 350-AED 477 Per Participant (dependant on category entered)




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General Questions:

What is the event for?

"The idea of the Desert Warrior Challenge (DWC) is to provide a platform for the community to get involved in a different style of physical activity. We want to see as many people outside and being as active as possible and DWC is the perfect opportunity for people to do that. It's fun, accessible to nearly everyone and is unique."

Who is the event for?

"The event is for everyone! We have the 10km timed events for the warrior participants that want to challenge themselves and push themselves to their limit, and then we have the non-timed (5km and 10km) events for the participants that want to be involved, but with no pressure to secure the best time. We also have a junior warrior event, which is great preparation for when they can enter the open warrior category."

What would you tell someone who has never attended the event?

"Be prepared to have a great time. A lot of participants are initially scared about the idea of the event, but once they are involved and on the course all of those fears seem to be a distant memory. The event is about team work, so you never feel alone when facing the challenging obstacles. There's always a great atmosphere with the music pumping and people all simply enjoying the day out."

Event Timetable:

"The event will kick off at 7am and will finish around 5pm. The main prize giving ceremony will be at 1030am."

Event Specific Questions:

What makes your event Special?

"The Desert Warrior Challenge is a homegrown event that was the first adventure obstacle course to be held in Dubai. We pride ourselves on making it all about the 'experience' of the event and in particular, our obstacles. Adrenaline obstacles are a big must for us.... we like to get people's hearts pumping and to really challenge them, so at the end of it all they feel that they have really achieved something."

What does the event offer that no other event does?

"Obstacles, obstacles, obstacles.... we invest a huge amount into the obstacles and without a doubt it is the thing our Warriors like the most. Add to this the great atmosphere in the base camp, the extensive 8 week ‘Warrior Training program’ we provide and the Warrior after party we organize and hopefully everyone is having a great time."

How many events will there be yearly?

"We will be holding 2-3 events yearly within the UAE, and will soon be launching our first regional event."

How many events have been held in the past?

"This will be the 2nd DWC event in Dubai."

What is the expected size of the event?

"We are expecting to see 2500-3500 Warriors at the GMC DWC 2015, along with 400+ spectators throughout the day."





Author: Alex Pascoe
Author Bio: Alex is the head of operations and head trainer of Nutrition Souq ( He is a certified personal trainer, self confessed fitness nut and entrepreneur, and is on a mission to make the UAE fitter, healthier and happier