Hacks For Packing Healthy Work Lunches

Your Work Lunch Doesn’t Have To Be Unhealthy

Why pack a work lunch when there is so much wonderful food available in our city? Firstly, it’s far cheaper than eating out everyday, and secondly it’s a much healthier choice. When we eat out for lunch we inevitably end up spending way more than we actually should and also end up making split decision choices on what to eat. With a pre-made lunch there are no surprises and the food we pack can be carefully selected to provide a healthy nutritious lunch.

The problem you are likely to face when preparing your own work lunches is convenience. It’s not always as convenient and can be time consuming to have to make your lunches every evening. Lets take a look at some hacks which can help you save time and make preparing healthy tasty work lunches a doddle.


Make Healthier Sandwiches

Sandwiches can be a healthy choice when made with whole grain breads. But they can also get old when eaten day after day. Try some other options like whole-wheat wraps, or whole grain pita pockets. You can also use whole grain crackers which pair well with many sandwich contents.

Eat Your Greens

There are a lot of veggies that can be easily worked in to your lunches, just try thinking past tomatoes and lettuce. Try adding in some sliced zucchini squash or cucumbers. Instead of cheese or mayo you can use hummus or avocado. You can dip carrots into hummus for a tasty treat or make an avocado spread to dress your sandwich.

Use up those Leftovers

Take some Dunking Foods

Your favorite soup or bean dish can be the perfect solution for work lunch tomorrow. If your break or lunch area has a microwave, you can take almost any kind of leftovers in for your lunch. Take your favorite homemade soup with crackers, chilli, noodles with sauce or even a casserole. Any of these can make for a nutritious, quick lunch. These can be dished out into single serving containers; or they may be frozen too. This a great money saving solution and invariably leftovers always taste better the next day.

NUTRITION SOUQ TIP: Make your dinner in bulk and freeze multiple single portions in disposable containers

Finger foods, or foods you dip can make a nice healthy lunch or an extra snack during your work day. Fresh veggies like carrots, celery and sweet peppers with hummus, whole grain crackers with tofu, or an apple with peanut butter or yogurt are all dunkable delights.


Pre Pack all your Healthy Sides

Double Up What You Can

Use Convenient Foods

Saturday evening, before the work week gets underway, pack all your sides. If you buy family sized containers and need to repackage it into more portable, smaller bags/containers for your lunch, do that on Saturday evening. This helps you be able to just grab one and toss it in your lunch when you are ready to go. If you use hummus, peanut butter or other dipping type foods, portion them out beforehand. Veggies can be sliced and put into their carrying containers. Make it easy to grab your lunch in the morning.

It is not always necessary to make your lunch every single day. You can make extra to be used in your lunch. You can slice up an entire melon which can provide fruit for several day’s lunches. Double up on your recipes so you have plenty to package for future use.

Make Your Freezer Work for You

There are lots of food items that can be frozen ahead of time. One benefit is food is ready to pop in your lunch container when you are ready to go. The other benefit is they can also keep your container and other foods cool. Sandwiches, leftovers and juice boxes can all be frozen beforehand. This works great for juices in the scorching summer months.

It can be more expensive to purchase pre-packaged foods, but the convenience might be worth it for many. Yogurt, applesauce, fruit cups, and peanut butter can be purchased in single serve packages which might aide you in lunch prep. But dry items like nuts or dried fruit can be packaged out in zipper style bags. Fresh whole fruit can also be very convenient to toss into the lunch box. Make it easy on yourself.


Author: Ashley Boyd
Author Bio: As a health and fitness enthusiast, Ashley is focussed on helping people achieve their fitness goals through education and motivation. For the last 5 years Ashley has worked as a Personal Trainer in major UK fitness chains and has recently branched out on her own so she can share her years of knowledge with a wider audience.