Make Fitness And A Healthy Lifestyle Stick With Styck App

Styck is a UAE based fitness and rewards Phone App which rewards and encourages physical movement in all its forms

What makes Styck special/unique?

The Styck App is a fitness app that combines a movement tracker and a rewards platform. Styck delivers real-life rewards from brands in your city, allowing users to enjoy the full benefits of hitting a health goal. This allows brands and users to be perfectly aligned in pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle.

What is the basic concept behind Styck?

The concept is based in the need to eradicate the sedentary lifestyle, and making a choice to move more, should be rewarded. It's also a lot of fun! This also allows brands to be a part of that journey and motivate users even further.

What is the mission/vision of Styck?

At Styck we believe we can eradicate the sedentary lifestyle. We believe we can bring users and brands together on a platform that makes a real difference to the health and happiness of Styck users. We will make a platform that allows companies / brands / individuals to have movement at their core, and reap the benefit of rewards as a result.

What are Trybes and how do they work?

Trybes allows brands / companies / individuals to connect with others through a private branded leaderboard. They are then able to challenge each other to see who moves the most every day and month. The leaderboards update in real-time, allowing for some serious competition.

How do people work with goals?

The goals are sponsored by brands, and we try to set goals at every level of competency. We see it as a user journey, and encourage users to progress in order to reach larger or better rewards.

How do people claim prizes?

A user who reaches a goal automatically receives a reward in their app. They are then able to redeem the reward either online with our partners, or at a point of sale. We provide a flexible way to redeem for both partners and the user.

Who are your partners and how can a company become a partner?

We have a lot of partners, ranging from coffee shops through to airlines. We believe that any partner that believes an active world is better than a sedentary one, should work with us. Any partner looking to be a part of this journey can reach us at, or at

How does the ladder work and why is it cool?

The Ladder is the top 10 movers of the global Styck community. It updates every morning and displays yesterday's top steppers. We hear from a lot of our users that say The Ladder is a huge motivator for them and also provides perspective as to where they stand with their daily steps.

Who are your target customers?

Anyone who wants to move more, anyone who moves currently, and anyone who doesn't yet know where to start in their journey of health.

What is the future vision of Styck?

At Styck we believe that the journey never ends. We have movement in our blood, and we will always be adding new features and new rewards. We will build the community one step at a time.

How much does Styck cost?

Styck is free for all users.

Who are your main competitors in the UAE?

Any company that believes an unhealthy lifestyle beats one of movement and activity.

Are there similar apps elsewhere around the world?

There are a number of apps similar to Styck, but no platforms as simple and effective.

What is Styck doing to improve the health and fitness of people in the UAE?

Styck is 100% accessible, we are free to download. We are already adding a little more motivation to 1,000s of users in the UAE. Styck has relationships with many private companies and powers the benefits of governmental departments. Styck shows brands that there is a platform to make a healthy choice when spending their advertising budgets. And Styck does all this with one easy-to-understand and democratic metric, steps.

How do you maintain your own healthy habits?

We have developed a passion for fitness. Its part of our lives. We run, swim, bike, and compete in sport on a regular basis.

Who is the owner/founder/s?

Ben Walton and Alex Light

STYCK APP User Offer:

When a user downloads Styck, they automatically receive a reward of a free Trucker Cap.

What are your fitness and health tips for the typical busy working professional in the UAE that have a tight schedule? How would you advise these people to fit more steps into their day?

We would suggest starting to understand how active you actually are as a person. How many steps do you take in a day? Then we would suggest making small steps to improve this; Set a goal, and reward your achievement. Make decisions that will help you along the way; take the stairs, not the lift. Take public transport, don't drive. Go to the beach, get outside. Take 5 minute breaks to move around more. Download Styck, as we make it easier.

How to get your hands on Styck App:

Download styck app via android or apple app stores, or visit their website below:

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Author: Alex Pascoe
Author Bio: Alex is the head of operations and head trainer of Nutrition Souq ( He is a certified personal trainer, self confessed fitness nut and entrepreneur, and is on a mission to make the UAE fitter, healthier and happier