The 4 Pillars of Fitness Motivation

"Motivation is the Key to Success”

1. Get a Training Partner

One of the best ways to stay motivated is by having a training buddy. A workout partner can really help push you to your limits and also make you feel like you’re not alone on your journey towards greatness. They keep you motivated and provide encouragement when you need it the most. They make you go to the gym when it’s the last thing you want to do. They also have a great use as a spotter! Of course it helps if your partner has similar training goals to you, that way it’s a match made in training heaven. Get a training buddy and see your gains go through the roof.

2. Setting Short and Long Term Goals

Goal setting and goal tracking is very important in helping you achieve your ultimate goals. It is well planned goals that can turn your hopes and dreams into reality. Setting goals has many benefits, including: Keeping you motivated, on track, focused, and giving you a sense of achievement when you reach them. There are many different types of goals, but all goals need to be realistic and well planned, not aggressive and untimely. Your goals could mean the difference between success and failure.

Using the SMART system for setting goals is a tried and tested method and a sure fire route to paving the way for your success. The SMART system is as follows:

S is for Specific

Are your goals specific to what you want to achieve? Make them as specific as possible to really have a focus.

M is for Measurable

How can your goals be measured/ how will you measure your progress towards achieving them? This could be as simple as weight loss measurements or strength gains.

A is for Achievable

Are your goals achievable? Do you have enough time to achieve them? Goals should be set to push you, but they must be achievable otherwise failure will provide frther disappointment and setbacks.

R is for Realistic

Are your goals realistic? Be honest with yourself and ask yourself some searching questions. Justify to yourself why your goals are realistic. Setting a goal to be an Olympic Gymnast within a year after having only done your first introductory gymnastics session the week before is not realistic. Common sense applies here.

T is for Timed

How long will it take to achieve your goal? This is not the same as measurable. Measurable refers to how you will measure your goals progress. Timed refers to how long will your goal take. Set a realistic time frame that pushes you, yet is achievable.

Celebrate each milestone of your journey to keep you on track. Set goals and separate yourself from the crowd. Own them and achieve them!

3. Training the Mindset

To win the game, your head must to be in the game, or you won’t succeed. The mind and body go hand in hand, so both need to be in harmony for you to achieve your goals. A healthy mindset is just as important as a healthy diet and a proper exercise regime. Of course this is easier said than done so here are a few ways to improve your mindset.

  • Tip 1: Self-love not self-hate - Believe in yourself, forget the nay sayers
  • Tip 2: Visualization – see what you want, have it ever present in your mind
  • Tip 3: Create discipline - Self discipline is crucial, only you can achieve your goals
  • Tip 4: Repeat the good, throw out the bad - Focus on what works, not what hinders

4. Track Your Progress

It’s one thing to write down your goal down, but it’s another to track them and monitor your progress. It is essential to monitor your progress, because it is only by seeing the changes you have made that you will be motivated to continue. If no change is noticed then this is where people begin to lose motivation. Get a diary and calendar and begin to track your progress. Also recording photographic or video evidence is a great tool for reviewing progress and reflecting on performance.

These 4 pillars of motivation are key ingredients to staying on track. If you utilize some of these tips while trying to achieve your goals, you will have the drive to keep going and reach your ultimate dreams. The sky is the limit!


Author: Claire Trojkovic
Author Bio: Claire is a personal trainer from Australia and one of the top Nutrition Souq editors. She’s a fitness and travel expert with a degree in Literature and a Certificate 4 in Fitness and Nutrition. Her particular interests are yoga, bodybuilding, diets, weight loss, herbal remedies and travel. She also manages and writes on her own blog and has written guest articles for various online fitness publications.