Resistance Training for Women - Your Guide To A Fit, Sexy Physique

Girls Gone Strong

Are you fed up with working out and sweating on the cardio machine with little to show for your efforts? You are in need of some iron, not in your food but in your workouts. Every time you skip a resistance training session, your missing out on some awesome health benefits. Two sessions weekly can greatly build strength, burn fat and improve tone. More so, new lean muscle boosts the metabolism for long-term benefits helping burn more calories when resting. All this helps to keep you lean and mean. Sounds like a good idea now, doesn’t it?

The first thing to think about is what kind of resistance training you want to do. This is dependent on the equipment available to you and your goals. The four main options are:


The first choice is bodyweight training. Here, there is minimal equipment requirement and in some cases none at all. It is possible to train anywhere and anytime. It doesn’t matter where you are or if you are travelling, as long as there is enough space to move around you can get going with some bodyweight training.

Having some portable gymnastic rings or TRX straps will always make your workout easier and more convenient. For starters, a resistance band can also help for exercises such as curls and pull-ups. Equipment however, is not necessary since it is possible to do without. Try this bodyweight only resistance training session 2-3 times per week and notice the difference in your physique:


Dumbbells are a great way to begin resistance training. This is because a well-equipped gym will always have dumbbells, even the most basic gyms. Plus there are hundreds of exercises you can do with dumbbells. Adjustable dumbbells do not take up a lot of space and are ideal for working out at home. Dumbbells make adding weight to a movement possible they also ensure that each side of the body is trained equally. Try this awesome yet simple workout:


Barbells are a great piece of equipment especially if your main aim is strength. They allow you to progress in a clear and quick manner allowing one to add additional weights weekly as you progress. Barbells are stable compared to dumbbells. This gives you the freedom to manage greater weights easily. They are especially great for some movements that can’t really be done with dumbbells like squats and deadlifts. Plus there are an unlimited amount of exercises that you can do with your barbell.

Resistance Machines

Lastly, there is the resistance machines. Any exercise you can do on a machine you can do with free weights. The beauty of resistance machines are they can help you groove the skill required to move onto free weights such as dumbbells and barbells. They can also really help with isolation of muscle groups. Resistance machines aren’t as accessible as a set of dumbbells or your own bodyweight due to the fact you normally need a gym membership to use them. If you’re worried about lifting weights start with machines and then move onto free weights after.


Author: Ashley Boyd
Author Bio: As a health and fitness enthusiast, Ashley is focussed on helping people achieve their fitness goals through education and motivation. For the last 5 years Ashley has worked as a Personal Trainer in major UK fitness chains and has recently branched out on her own so she can share her years of knowledge with a wider audience.