Feature: Ripe Dubai - bringing you fresh, organic, local fruits and vegetables in the UAE

Ripe is a growing business serving a wide community in Dubai. They offer many options which makes fresh produce and high quality foods available to the communities they serve.

Ripe has been around since 2011. Their goal is to provide the Dubai community with locally grown produce and high quality food products. Recently an interview was conducted with the founder of Ripe as we gained more insight into why the company was formed and how far they have expanded since its inception. Ripe is an emerging company providing an outstanding service to the members of the Dubai community and is enlarging to include other areas of other Emirates as well. Here is their interesting story.

Company Name: Ripe


What is the basic concept behind the inception and mission of Ripe?
Ripe was created to meet the need of families across the UAE who were not able to obtain fresh organic produce. Upon moving from the UK to the UAE, founder Becky Halderstone, found it was difficult to locate and buy fresh produce as easily as she had in the UK. She knew that there were plenty of high quality foods being grown locally, but there was not a way to get locally grown foods to consumers. Ripe was a result of this realization and it has grown to be the leading provider of fresh produce to the consumer in the region. Ripe offers home deliveries to its customers to ensure they are able to secure organically grown fresh foods and high quality superfoods. Ripe also set up a farm shop in Dubai in order to provide produce on a larger scale to local cafes and restaurants.

What is Ripe doing to help improve the health of people residing in the UAE?
One of the primary goals for Ripe’s involvement in the communities they serve is to provide adequate information to residents. They want to be engaged directly with these individuals to help them understand better eating and healthier choices. Not only does Ripe ensure consumers have access to fresh, locally grown produce, they also provide other healthy options such as dairy-free and gluten free foods.

How much does Ripe Cost?
With a minimum order of 150 Dirhams, there is no delivery fee. They will deliver standard quantities of fresh foods very close to the average market price.

How does Ripe’s Pickup and Delivery model work?
In order to make fresh organic produce accessible to members of the community, Ripe delivers directly to consumer’s doors in Dubai, Abu Dhabi. Recently, these efforts have also begun to extend to other Emirates as well. The company delivers straight to the door of consumers as well as to designated collection points which are at convenient locations across Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

What’s so special about Ripe and what makes the company unique?
Ripe is much more than just a fruit and vegetable supplier. They are dedicated to engaging with the community in order to stir up a passion for eating healthy and staying active. Their goal is to educate present and future generations about the importance of eating organically produced foods. And of course, they also desire to help support local agriculture and farmers.

Who makes up the customer base for Ripe and why are they interested?
Ripe’s customer base covers a broad range. There are many western customers, young professionals, families and Emirati customers who benefit from their services. The goal is to raise the awareness of health and wellness issues and walk alongside customers in the region. Customers benefit from having the convenience of fresh, organically produced foods delivered to their door or available in their neighborhoods.

Area Served Website Social Media Phone
Dubai and Abu Dhabi www.ripeme.com Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • 04 380 7602 – Office
  • 04 379 0441 – Shop

Interview with Becky Balderstone

Who founded Ripe and why was is started?
Ripe was founded by myself, Becky Balderstone. Ripe launched in 2011. The Ripe seed was first planted when I moved to Dubai and very quickly realized, that sourcing fresh organic fruit and veggies wasn’t going to be as easy as it had been back home in the UK. I was so used to shopping as an activity not a chore; picking up fresh organic ingredients from stores in the UK or visiting one of the fantastic farmers markets on offer at the weekends. With my husband in agriculture, I knew there was high quality organic produce being grown locally in the UAE, but no specific retail outlet for it. So Ripe was born.

What is the broader, grand vision look like for Ripe?
Ripe is expanding quickly; we have almost outgrown our retail space and another retail outlet is on the cards to make our fantastic organic produce even more accessible. The markets are also growing and the next season of outdoor markets is just around the corner, bringing Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s parks alive with organic produce, artisanal handmade products and fantastic community events.

Do you have products that are more popular than others?
In terms of fresh product, customers love our local organic kale and our cherry tomatoes are the best in town. Superfoods are also really popular as are products like coconut oil, coconut wraps and nut butters.

Would you mind sharing a popular recipe with us?
We love fresh organic kale and one of our favorite ways to use it is in an Asian inspired slaw. We combine shredded kale with white and red cabbage, spring onions and shredded carrot dressed in a honey, ginger and chili vinegar dressing. It’s crisp and crunchy and packed with flavor.

Where did you get the idea for Ripe?
Ripe has never been about just selling fruit and vegetables. Ripe is about sharing our passion for fresh organic fruit and vegetables with the community in Dubai and the wider UAE; and educating people about what’s available locally as well as the benefits of making healthy food and lifestyle choices. And importantly, Ripe is about offering that support network to local businesses in the region; whether that be the local organic farmers or small artisans and designers.

What types of products and services does Ripe offer?
Ripe offers a fantastic range of organic, gluten free, locally made, unique, or artisanal products at our beautiful retail store in Al Manara, Dubai. The Ripe Farm Shop may be small but we pack a punch in terms of variety; you can shop there for fresh organic fruit and veggies, pick up organic milk, cheese and chicken, stock up on superfoods and kitchen essentials like coconut oil, nut butters and grains and grab some gluten free snacks while you there too. We also offer home delivery across Dubai and delivery to a range of collection points in key communities across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

What are the logistics of Ripe Markets such as how one joins, where they are located etc.?
The Ripe Markets are a unique community event, held every week across the UAE. The aim of the Ripe Market is to provide a platform for small local businesses and artisans in the UAE to showcase themselves and interact directly with the community as well as providing a space to engage both locals and expats in healthy eating and fresh organic fruit and vegetables.
We run a variety of outdoor events throughout the winter months, across Dubai and Abu Dhabi and this year, during summer, we’re running two markets at indoor locations. The Ripe Market inside Times Square Center on SZR in Dubai is every Saturday from 9am-2pm and the Ripe Market inside The Collection, St Regis Saadiyat Island Resort in Abu Dhabi runs every Saturday from 10am-2pm.
A new outdoor season of markets will kick off again in September with markets in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and the popular Night Market, focused on Dubai’s foodie loving residents and visitors, returning also!


Author: Mary Olinger
Author Bio: Mary Olinger is a Fitness & Workout Nutrition Editor at Nutrition Souq. She is a marathoner who trains year round. She holds a Master’s Degree in Health Education. Her expertise is in the field of fitness, diet, weight loss and nutrition. She is an international educator who enjoys writing to helping people make healthier life choices.