The 5 Results of HIIT

Measuring results for success

How do you know if you are on the right track? How do you know that you are advancing? How do you know that you are getting stronger, fitter, healthier? Sometimes it can be hard to track progress when exercising with HIIT. However there are 5 key measurements that you can track which prove results.

Your Weight

Have you reached your target weight? HIIT is a high intensity exercise activity, so if you’ve been doing it correctly you should be burning hundreds of calories per session. If you are not losing weight then think about upping your intensity and mixing up your workouts to keep the body guessing. Also, take a closer look at your nutritional habits. If you are losing weight then you are on the right track. Keep up the good work.

Nutrition Souq Tip:
Measure your weight periodically. Do this definitely at the beginning and end of your planned training programme. DO NOT weigh yourself everyday as results will not be seen and this can effect the way you eat and train. Weighing yourself once every couple of weeks is a good milestone.

Your Energy Levels

How are your energy levels? Exercise is a naturally energy booster. You should be feeling more energetic as each day passes. If you are feeling sluggish then there are three things to consider.

  1. Are you training regularly enough and at the right intensity?
  2. Are you over training?
  3. Is your diet right?
Nutrition Souq Tip:
Fitness is 90% nutrition and 10% exercise. If even with a well structured training programme your energy levels are lacking. Take another look at your nutrition to ensure you are consuming the right amount of calories. Myfitnesspal is a great tool for tracking nutrition.

Your Endurance Abilities

How are your endurance abilities? HIIT is a form or cardiovascular exercise and therefore your endurance abilities should be increasing along with your fitness level. Can you jog for 20 minutes straight without any trouble? Can you sprint for multiple rounds of shuttles, can you rep out squat jumps for fun? If the answer is YES, these are all signs that your endurance may have increased dramatically.

Nutrition Souq Tip:
A good way to gauge an increase in cardiovascular endurance (VO2Max) is to test yourself with an endurance test like the Multi Stage Fitness Test (MSFT). These tests can be done at planned periods in a well structured training programme, like at the beginning (initial test) midpoint, and end (final assessment). That way improvements can be easily measured.

Your Lean Muscle Mass

Have you calculated your muscle mass? HIIT is also a form of weight training as you use your body weight to exhaust the muscles. Your muscle mass should have increased over the weeks and months which in turn will have increased your aesthetic appearance and metabolism allowing you to look great and torch more calories at the same time! Remember more lean muscle means a higher metabolism.

Nutrition Souq Tip:
If you don’t have access to the measurement tools to measure your lean muscle mass, then go to your local gym who should have access to such equipment. Remember, it’s a good idea to do this both at the beginning and end of your training programme.

Your Goals

Have you reached your goals? This is the ultimate progress tracker. Goals are important to staying on track and give you something to strive towards and a sense of accomplishment when you reach them. If, however you have not reached your goals then look over the past weeks and try to figure out what you have been doing wrong and how you can change that. If you have reached all your health and fitness goals then congratulate yourself on a massive success then go out and set some more!

Nutrition Souq Tip:
Set your goals using the SMART method. This will help you set realistic goals that you can achieve in specific time frames.


Author: Claire Trojkovic
Author Bio: Claire is a personal trainer from Australia and one of the top Nutrition Souq editors. She’s a fitness and travel expert with a degree in Literature and a Certificate 4 in Fitness and Nutrition. Her particular interests are yoga, bodybuilding, diets, weight loss, herbal remedies and travel. She also manages and writes on her own blog and has written guest articles for various online fitness publications.