The Benefits Of Coconut Water

An All Natural Drink That Packs A Punch

Let’s face it being healthy all of the time is a chore in itself. So why not make it a little easier on ourselves by eating and drinking right.

We are surrounded by unhealthy processed foods and in particular sugar and calorie rich drinks and the temptation to drink these can be very strong. Many of us drink them as they taste good, but there are alternatives which taste just as good and are even beneficial to our health. Coconut water is a fantastic alternative and has a myriad of benefits. Here are but a few:

It Gives You Healthy Skin

The nutrients in coconut water remove acne as well as blemishes. At the same time, they tone the skin. This is the reason most skin-care products have coconut extracts.

The Perfect Workout Drink

If you always have a drink when working out, that drink better be coconut water.

During workouts, you lose a lot of energy, fluid and nutrients. These need to be replaced. With coconut water's composition, you have the ability to replace almost all of these with one drink. With the presence of electrolytes it makes an amazing drink for rehydration.

However, since some exercises are so intense, it may be a good idea to pair coconut water with protein.

Nutrition Souq Tip: Drink Cocopro coconut water as an awesome post workout recovery drink.

It Helps with Digestion and Metabolism

If you make poor food choices, you can guarantee that your digestive system does not work as it should. Your metabolic rate could also probably use some improvement. A sluggish digestive system can lead to feelings of lethargy, brain fog, and over time can develop into more serious problems. It’s a good idea to keep your digestion humming along. Coconut water, helps improve both digestion as well as metabolism.

The compounds responsible for improving those functions are acid phosphatase, catalase, and dehydrogenase. In addition, there is also some fibre in coco water which helps in digestion.

Furthermore, coconut water also reduces acid reflux.

Can Slow Ageing

There are suggestions from scientists that coconut water can slow down the ageing process. This is attributed to the presence of cytokinins in the water.

What Coconut Water To drink?

If you have the ability to get your hands on fresh coconut water straight from the coconut then this is obviously ideal. Other than that there are a few fantastic drinks which you can get your hands on in the UAE market.

Nutrition Souq’s Coconut Water Recommendations:


A 100% all natural coconut water which is fantastic for all occasions.


An amazing recovery drink which is high in protein and hydrates you at the same time. Bonus!


Author: Victor Maere
Author Bio: My name is Victor, a guy interested in delicious food. But delicious food is not enough, it also has to be healthy. If we make poor food choices, we should also expect poor health. Keeping you healthy with diet and nutrition tips is my passion. Eat well, be well