The Best Places To Buy Yoga Clothing In Dubai

Dubai Has some hidden gems when it comes to Yoga clothing, you just have to know where to look. Here is a comprehensive list on where to shop to get the best looking, most durable, and most flattering Yoga clothing in the city.


WEBSITE: SHOP LOCATION: Jumeriah Centre, 65 Jumeira Rd, Dubai

When it comes to all things Yoga, yApparel is the Guru. This place is packed with some awesome brands which have been sourced from all around the world. yApparel’s eco-friendly, sustainable products also ensure they are keeping environmental impact to a minimum. With so much to choose from you really are spoilt for choice.

yApparel sell goods both online and in store.


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Kata & Asana, located in Barsha Mall is a branch of one of the UAE’s leading providers in Yoga apparel - The shop has a wide range of Yoga clothing and accessories and they also offer delivery to your door through online shopping. With a range of qualities from top end to the middle of range from a quality and price standpoint, Kata & Asana caters to the needs of experts, Yoga enthusiasts and beginners.


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WEBSITE: SHOP LOCATION: City Walk, Jumeirah, Dubai

SheMoves provides a heap of super stylish active wear much of which just happens to be Yoga apparel. Their clothing lines are colourful and playful but with a serious edge. These clothes are for getting active in so expect durability, stretchiness and a product which is fashionable, long lasting and flattering.


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Lulu Lemon

WEBSITE: SHOP LOCATION: Mall Of The Emirates, Dubai

Lulu Lemon has finally made it to our city much to the delight of Dubai Yogi’s. Lulu Lemon has set the world of fashionable workout leggings on fire with their amazingly colourful line of clothing. Not only are these leggings super cool, but they are seriously durable. Looking good doesn’t come cheap though, so expect to pay top dollar. That said, you really do get what you pay for with their workout clothing. Beyond their line of leggings ‘Lulu’ have enough work out clothing to keep even the most hardcore Yoga enthusiast happy.

Say ‘’NO to Camel Toe’’ with Lulu Lemon


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Author: Alex Pascoe
Author Bio: Alex is the Chief of Operations and Head Trainer at Nutrition Souq ( He is a certified personal trainer, self confessed fitness nut and entrepreneur, and is on a mission to make the UAE fitter, healthier and happier


Alex Pascoe

Alex Pascoe is the Nutrition Souq Chief of Operations and Head Trainer. As a former UK Military physical trainer and educator, Alex has over 14 years experience in teaching, coaching and instructing exercise and fitness . He is a fully certified and award winning trainer with a passion for health and fitness.