Top 8 Embarrassing Gym Moments

That we never want to repeat

1. When you bump into someone you know and you're seriously sweating. Everywhere.

2. When there's no other option than passing wind during Yoga class.

3. When your bootcamp instructor calls you out and you have to do push-ups in front of the whole class.

4. When you've been doing a bunch of squats and stretching and suddenly realise you have a massive hole in the crotch of your pants.

5. When you realise you’ve had camel toe for the last hour while working out.

6. When THAT naked guy is in the changing room.

7. When your leggings are fully see through and you don’t realise until you stretch.

8. When you bump into a hot guy and you have some serious body odour.


Author: Alex Pascoe
Author Bio: Alex is the head of operations and head trainer of Nutrition Souq ( He is a certified personal trainer, self confessed fitness nut and entrepreneur, and is on a mission to make the UAE fitter, healthier and happier


Alex Pascoe

Alex Pascoe is the Nutrition Souq Chief of Operations and Head Trainer. As a former UK Military physical trainer and educator, Alex has over 14 years experience in teaching, coaching and instructing exercise and fitness . He is a fully certified and award winning trainer with a passion for health and fitness.