What To Wear For Yoga This Year - for Men


We’ve brought together some of the best Dubai online shops for you to purchase your Yoga wear from this summer, and presented them together with practical tips to help you decide what to wear for your Yoga class.

The most important thing to consider when choosing what to wear for Yoga is that your body must be able to move freely. You need to be comfortable and having the right clothing to wear will ensure that you can flow through the various poses and positions of your Yoga practice with ease and grace.


Men are choosing to wear breathable vests or T shirts for Yoga. Go for T shirts that are slightly fitted. Ideally they will be loose fitting but not baggy, allowing you to move without too much excess fabric getting in the way as you flow through poses.

Expect to pay:
A top from yApparel is about AED 270, whereas T-shirts on souq.com start from as little as AED 34!

Buy tops for men from:
1. Souq has a wide range of fitness tops, vests and T shirts for men.
2. yApparel also carry mens tops


Elasticated waist bands help keep your bottoms in place as you are moving. Men often go for brightly coloured slightly baggy pants with elasticated waists. Another option is to wear shorts. Ideally go for soft comfortable shorts that allow for movement whilst still covering all the essentials parts.

Expect to pay:
Around AED 59 for a pair of shorts from souq.com

Buy Yoga bottoms for men from:
Souq offers fitness pants and shorts for men

Must have Yoga accessories:
Toesox are a hygienic alternative to bare feet. They are de-signed to be comfortable, breathable and non slip. They come in a range of colours.
Get them from Souq

Pro Tip: Avoid clothing with buttons, large seams, nobbles or belts as these can be very uncomforta-ble in some Yoga poses. Avoid anything which may chaff or rub.


Author: Julie Ritchie
Author Bio: Julie is a Nutrition Souq Fitness Champion Editor. She is a qualified Personal Trainer who spent many years teaching Zumba, Fitness Pilates, Pole Fitness and offering weight loss coaching. She is a fan of the natural approach to fitness and enjoys exercising and eating for pleasure and health.